Thick black smoke coming from the charging bolt area

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    Thought I would mention that I am inhaling the thick black smoke coming out of the charging bolt area of 995ts. Its a dirty gun. I have to wear black shirts so the marks left by the ejecting shells don't show. I don't think inhaling that black smoke is a good thing. I might wear a mask.
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    Cool. Might as well make it a cold war era gas mask!
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    What Anki are you shooting? Mine does not get that dirty with federal or blazer.
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    Makes me wonder if you are shooting a black powder rifle with black smoke coming out of a firearm. Heh heh!
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    Well, that is a new one on me. When did you clean the gun last? Inside of it.
    What ammunition present and past have you been using?
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    Change the oil.
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    BTW, Clean the damn thing and buy better ammo.
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    Must be shooting Winchester forged steel
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    That is some nasty $hit for sure. Tried a box of it and won't buy anymore!
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    Ok, the ammo i use is Federal 115 fmj; Reminington 115 jhp, and Fiocchi XTP 124 jhp. Thats the only ammo i have used in the gun. I don't think i have 500 rds through it yet.

    I run a bore snake through it and spray the barrel and chamber with Break Free CLP. I am thinking about field stripping it and spraying the chamber area with Break Free Powder Blast. I would like to disassemble the chamber and firing pin housing but think i will screw something up, will check with a local gunsmith.
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    That makes me nervous, Outlaw. I have less than 500 rds through it all of which have been Federal 115 FMJ, Reminington 115 jhp, or Fiocchi 124 XTP JHP, and a few Federal 124gr HST. I am tempted to field strip it, spray with chamber, barrel, firing pin area with powder blast, then lube with CLP. or.....take it to gunsmith and have them strip it and clean it.
  14. found at Marine Shooting Team Guide.htm
    Seems to me you are doing it wrong if you are breathing in at the time of the shot...
  15. Was it smokey? Acrid ammonia smell? (American Eagle .223) or just the cases came out black? We all know steel, and aluminum don't expand like brass does. Therefore the chamber get dirty faster.

    Sounds like a bunch of left over/excessive lube in the works.
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    Thick, black line of smoke from the chamber. I have only used brass ammo (Fed, Remington, Facchio) and when I look into the chamber and put a rag in there it is filthy.
    So, today i will field strip it and using Break Free Powder Blast , spray the hell out of the barrel / chamber /firing pin housing without dissasembly. Then spray some CLP in those areas, not too heavy, and run a snake thru the bore with CLP in it.
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    What do the fired cases look like? Black? Bulged? Split? If anything like that, I would stop shooting and call customer service. There could actually be something dangerously wrong with the chamber.
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  18. My thinking too. Really sloppy chamber. Drop a live round in there, or a spent shell, or sanp cap. Compare how sloppy it is VS another 9mm gun.
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    Wecsog, the cases are normal, no bending, just sooty black, some more black than others, leave distinct marks on my shirt.
    Ok, you mean like a 9mm snap cap? chamber on and see if it rattles?
    BTW I did field strip it and blased it with Powder Blast and wiped down with CLP. Just got a field sport red green dot I am goint to put on it tonight. My gut feeling is it just needs a good cleaning. If the gun keeps smoking, I will call HiPoint and if necessary I will send it back.

    I will keep you posted.

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    Ha ha, that's what I thought. :confused: