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  1. Yes, I already have the HP C9, BUT can anyone give me any idea's as far as a somewhat thin/smaller 9mm to carry for Concealed? My Taurus PT25 is what I am carrying now for CCW. I'd like to upgrade to a 380 or 9. I saw the KAHR Arms 9mm (forget which model 9) and it was thin and smaller than the HP C9, looked like a nice comfortable fit for concealment but never did get to try it out as far as wearing it. Then again they were around $600.+ for one verses a HP C9 for under $200. I've tried the HP C9 but it is not comfortable for me to carry concealed......all day......part of the day.....
    Any thoughts/help would really be appriciated.
  2. A.C.P.

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    The Kahr CW9 is thin single stack 7 + 1 round 22 oz loaded. Cost between 380 and 400 dollars...One heck of a carry pistol.

  3. hmmmm. Lots of choices. Carrying depends quite a bit on the holster you select - so consider both when you decide. That said, I carry at times Kel-tec P-11 and it's great. KT also has a PF-9, which is a single stack 9 and thinner than the P-11. I don't like it as my hands are bigger and it's harder for me to hold, but the P-11 works for me. You can find a good used P-11 for under $200, and new for under $300.

    Whatever you look at - HOLD IT and shoot it if you can before you buy.
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    +1 on the P11. It's a great little gun, worth every penny.
  5. I have the PF-9 and really like it. It is so light and thin you can forget it's there, even IWB......I like the feel of it, it aims naturally, and I put the pinky extension on the magazine so I can get my whole hand gripped on it. Only $220 when I bought mine.
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    another option is the single stack SIG P225/P6 models that most of the surplus outfits are selling. 250 bucks or thereabouts plus the transfer. Mine shoots about 2 1/2 inches at 10 yards and you can hit a man sized target almost every time at 50 yards. Mine rides comforatble with holster or without and fits the hands nice. its not as thin as some other guns mentioned here, but once you shoot one, you're hooked.

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    I carry a p-11 and love it, so much that I bought a second. A buddy has the pf-9 and it is definitely a great gun as well, the thinness does make it hurt a bit at the range but it is an excellent carry gun. The p-11 does carry nicely IWB, tho the pf-9 is probably even easier
  8. Thank you All for the suggestions.
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    i keep the pf9, too. It is very very concealable. great for a pocket, ankle, IWB, whatever. the grip extension really helps. I'd shoot whatever subcompact you intend to buy before you pay for it. the pf9 is a real handful. I had to sand the back of mine to remove factory imperfections in the polymer, it tore the hell out of my hand.
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    +1 for cw9. if you look at the pf9, check out a lot of the earlier ones had a lot of problems.
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    Thinner and smaller:
  12. Kel-Tec pf-9. Single stack, thinner than the P-11. Bloody sweet little bugger!
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    lets not forget the Bersa Ultra Compact 9. 13rd double stack ultra concealable, excellent pricing, excellent accuracy and reliability.
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    i'd say great choice to either the p11 or pf9.
  15. You're All MADDDDD!!!!! :shock:

    No, really......I use my Taurus PT25 for CCW IWB, BUT......I would like to see My other options for a larger caliber JUST in case I change my mind down the road for different situations; places I go, etc.
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    I think the vote was pretty clear that you should be heading to the gun shop for a pf-9 or p-11. I've got two p-11's never been dissappointed. The pf-9 is not a range gun but is wonderful to carry.
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    Just another vote for the PF9. been carrying it ever since I bought it a month ago.
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    hear hear!! The pf9 should only be fired as many times as it takes you to get used to it. Then just carry it and hope you don't have a fire it anymore.
  19. Screw that! I shoot my carry guns. My PF-9 is shooting loose, and it will soon go back to Kel-Tec again for a rebuild. I'll get another to use while that one is at the factory. Everyone here brags on Hi-Point service but I've been very happy with Kel-Tec as well. Kel-Tec claims 5-6000 round life. Mine is feeling a bit loose at around 2000 but still works just fine since I got it back.

    Also, I don't see why so many are so bothered by recoil. My wife shoots the PF-9 (and the Ultra CDP .45, and the P3AT, and...) and doesn't complain![​IMG]