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As an owner of one of the hand kits for .223 and the press set up.

I have to strongly argue with primal here.. The hand kit Will be much easier to learn on. thus taking the rocket science factor out. Also depriming is actually faster with this little gizmo.

Priming is close.

I would not at all rule it out. For 20 bones all you need is the bullet primers and powder and you can go. and learn and make good loads.

I can easily pump out 40 rounds in thirty minutes taking my time watching the news while drinking a soda.

YES you need to pay attention but what I am getting at is FOR 20$ you can start and be just fine. and you dont need a dedicated area.

I reload at night when the kid goes to bed and I still use the hand kit even though I have the press.

It is awsome For trying to TAYLOR a load as well as you can just sit at the range and make a few of differing powder weights.

20$ and you need to learn I say go for it by all means. and when you upgrade you still will most likely use it.

Also fits in pocket could be good for SHTF???????

SOrry for being so long :p:)

ETA::: I use the hand kit with the press. Not in its place.......

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I have loaded over 1000 Rounds of 9mm on that little thing. It did really help learn the processes that take place while reloading. It just got to the point that no one in ear shot could take the hammering. And my hands could not take anymore. I still have one for 357 38... But I do not shoot much of them. Everyone who loads with one of those will set off a primer at one time or another. The folks who live next door sure do not like that LOL. I would suggest Lee Challenger Breech Lock Single Stage Press Anniversary Kit.

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