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    I am getting a C9 in January. I have heard that taking them down for cleaning is difficult. I was thinking that Gun Scrubber and a bore snake might be the way to go. What about lube? How do you keep your HP pistol clean? :?: Thanks.
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    Thats it, as per Hi Point verbal instructons. A little CLP or 10w-30 synth oil is enough on parts that rub or move. Simple,eh?

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    taking them down is very easy i do it to my jcp every time i fire.
    all you need to do is knock out a pin at the end of the frame with a punch and mallet or a hammer and nail will even work the pin glides right out. then release the slide and lift at lift at the end once youve done a couple times its quite simple
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    Do not take them apart tell you reach the factory prescribed round count, Taking them apart to often causes many problems. This is per Hi-Point themselves... That is why they put this in the instructions.
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    ive never encountered any problems and so far 700rds through it.
    im kind of O.C.D. when it comes to my guns so i have to clean them after every session plus if i do break i'll either send it back or buy a new one thats the beauty of hi point.
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    But many have... rounding out the hole that the pin goes in. Loosing parts not getting parts in right. She went through a whole list of problems they have run into.
  7. I usually just clean the bore and chamber area the best I can, and then put a small amount of lube on the slide area.

    But anyone that knows anything about weapons will not have any trouble taking it apart and putting it back together.
  8. Its a fairly simple process and you can always ask if you get stuck more then likely the problem has already been encountered by some one here!
  9. When I first bought my C9 I removed the slide just to see what was under the hood. Then I cleaned out all the heavy factory preservative and lubed the internals with the gun oil of my choice. For the first 5-6 range shoots I would remove the slide, see how much fouling had built up inside, clean, check for wear, lube and reinstall the slide.

    Now days when I come back from the range all I do is swab the bore out, clean what I can inside the chamber area with q-tips and put it up. The C9 just does not need the same maintenance as other semi-auto's after a range session.

    My C9 has 1500+ rounds thru it now and its been at least 9 months since the slide was off last, and that was to install a new firing pin spring.


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    I don't even own a snake. I just use a rod and some patches and it's all good for me :D