Thinking of building an AK, any advice?

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  1. I'm thinking about building an AK. Anyone who's built one have any suggestions or advice? Any recommendations as to which parts kit or supplier to buy (from)? Or stear clear of?

    Thanks, don't know if I will, just thinking about it at the moment.
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    I've been thinking the same thing. Looking forward to the info!

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    I think ak operators Union might still have some polish kits on their site.
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    Buy a good quality shovel.

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    PSA had AK kits now.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    You will want a safety lever that is notched to hold the bolt open. I recently got a Inter Ordinance AKM247. Built off a Polish blue print. The butt pad will kill you! I only have about 100rds through mine so far. The hand guard can get hot fast. The sling mount to. I paid $565+ tax. Bud's has them for $528 last I checked.

    I spent a bunch of money buying furniture for mine yesterday. I got a Magpul grip, and the folding/extendable Zhukov butt stock in FDE on clearance from Midway. Stock is usually $99 Only the FDE is on clearance. $69! They have a place to pop in a push button single point sling. I also got the Zhukov hand guard. They were running them on clearance for $62 back in October when I didn't have an AK. $95, ouch!

    The I/O has a lifetime warranty, a G2 trigger (really nice!) A rubber buffer on the RSA which I was told is the first upgrade most owners do. Chrome barrel, hard chrome plated piston. All USA made so no shot out used junk. My 30 round mag from the factory only seems to hold 25 so far. I haven't futzed with it to figure it out. I have 3 Magpul's for $13 each LGS price.

    AK's do not do LRHO. I was told there is a Bulgarian mag made by Circle10 that has a follower that does that. They are $45 or more if you can find them. Seems like Magpul would make one by now that would do the same.

    I am by no means an expert on these rigs. Mine beats the snot out of my shoulder. Me and my nephews got the bruises to prove it! Hopefull the MP stock will help. I will look into a better butt plate if it doesn't. A friend told me in a fire fight Aachmed started out firing from the shoulder and went to the hip.
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    Don't know how much is snob and how much truth. But with the IO I'd say definitely keep an eye on it. A lot of complaints on the receiver cracking, bolt deformation, bad rivets etc. if it works it works, but just a warning.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    I did no research on these and went in blind. Another thing that is common is the wobble when the mag is inserted. Some have tabs welded on the inside to fight that and the welds can break. Mine is stamped and no wobble.

    Slade I wonder if they have made improvements on these? Date of birth on the old ones that cracked might be a factor. I have seen multiple complaints about the stuff from Century and crappy customer service.
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    So far so good on my brother's IO AK and mine too. The new ones are leaps and bounds better quality than the parts kit builds that ruined their reputation.

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    One thing is these weapons are short. A longer buttstock is a good thing. I feel comfortable with my left arm out into the "burn zone" with it cold.

    Right now I have more rapped up in this than my Colt 6920LE MOE. At least you can get ammo for about $.22 a round when you find it.
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    I believe a lot of complaints came from the beginning ones from the Florida factory. The ak guy had a video on YouTube doing a tour of the factory. I'll try to find a link for you. It's a pretty good unbiased review of them all together.
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    Are you talking about buying a de-milled military parts kit and then buying a receiver or 80% "flat" and a barrel (if not included) and basically building it from scratch? If so...

    For 100% complete receivers (needs ffl transfer), links to parts kit companies, tools, etc., check out NoDak Spud: Receivers.htm

    For 80% receiver "flats" (no ffl needed), tools, parts kits, info, etc, check out AK-Builder:

    Midway currently has Polish underfolder kits:

    Whatacountry has several different parts kits available:

    The last parts kit I bought was from Whatacountry and it looked like it was from a gun that had never been fired. Shop around and see what's all included with the kits (magazines, pouches, cleaning kits, etc).

    If you decide to build one, I've got some tools I can get to you at a good price.

    Here's one I built using a 80% flat.

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    Awesome, MX!
    I thought Talon was the only one who had done this. :D

    I believe elDAR did mean that "shovel AK" ;)
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    NE Utah
    Or a pair of tin snips to make your own notch...

    I've never been able to figure that idea out. The typical AK nut says the guns last forever, need no lube, no nothing....but then he tosses in a buffer and says they get shot out?

    Odd, right?

    Really? It's like a 30-30, but with a Semi auto hard can it kick?:confused:

    Maybe you just need to learn how to hold them?:p
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    That one was the inspiration for the shovel AK. Here's the one he built using the shovel blade to make the receiver and the handle as the butt stock. Populated a barrel blank using a welder. It's fugly but it shoots good.


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    I know how to hold a rifle. That butt plate is small and narrow. Ask Aachmed he'll tell you how hard they kick. :rolleyes:

    Tin snips? No. More like a die grinder.

    The buffer is supposed to last for 5K or more rounds? I have no idea. What's your problem with a rubber buffer anyways?

    You can lube them with wheel bearing grease and your finger if you want.

    Go shoot a bone stock AK and get back with us, wear a T-shirt.

    For someone who claims to have never shot one? You seem to know it all. :rolleyes:

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    Thanks! Gives me food for thought. I'll keep an eye on things.

    IIRC these barrels are supposed to be more accurate than the original commie barrels.