Thinking of picking up a pistol

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    Had to sell off most of my guns last year to pay for some medical bills. Looking to replace my handgun with a high point. Not very familiar with their guns and wondering if their is any suggestions.

    Thinking of a carbine as well for future purchase, same caliber as pistol. Thinking of 45 caliber for both.

    Any suggestions?
  2. freedom

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    Well. Hello

    HiPoint 45s are large frame guns. They are good, no frills firearms.

    They have some safeties built in but they are plane jane in the looks dept.
    But as many say here, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
    And if you are eyeing a gun that shoots when you pull the trigger and puts the bullet where you point it. Then HiPoint is the beauty you want.

    As for the Carbines. They do not have a 45 caliber 4595 on the market just yet. But fear not. They are making one. And it is nearly ready. A few finishing touches. From what we have heard through the grape vine they are redoing the stock for the 4595.

    We are all anxiously waiting. I am looking to get one my self.

    I do wish HiPoint would make a new stock for the 995. I would buy one for mine. Not really interested in buying one of the others (can't remember the name of the brand).
    I would pay HiPoint for the new stock because I would know it would fit without having to drill or sand or what ever. And it would be money going to HiPoint thus supporting a good American company. maybe some day.

  3. Hello and welcome to a great site for Hi-Point firearms. I just signed up on Saturday (I think it might of been Sunday) and done a lot of reading. Some good informtion here. Also, seems like you can get an answer to almost any question about them here.

    Haven't shot a 45 yet, but my son has the Hi-Point 40 S&W and that thing is great. In fact after shooting his Hi-Point I went this past Thursday and bought the C9 (9mm). Just went to the range to shoot it today. Feel in love with it.

    I am thinking about getting a 995, and like freedom said...I wish it had a better stock. But, I am not going to let that keep me from getting one.

    Good luck.
  4. There is not much difference in the .40 and .45acp pistols. They are the same shape and size. A good feeling pistol to hold.

    And you will most likely love the carbines like the rest of us do

    Welcome to the forum.
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  6. Welcome to the forum. The Hi Point 9mm pistole is good for self defence and plinking, the ammo is the cheapest out of the Hi Point pistols. The 40 is more stopping power and size, the ammo cost a little more too. The 45 hi point pistol is the largest caliber and the ammo costs the most out of the pistols but hey it fires a 230 grain bullet.
  7. Gotta love that .40 though, 185gr and I think just as much punch as the .45acp if not more
  8. Since you're new, you won't have to wait as long as the rest of us to get the 4595 carbine as it's supposed to come out later this year. As far as the 45 pistol, it's one of the most accurate 45's I've ever used. I also own the C-9 and a 380comp as well. With the 45, I can put 50 rounds in an 8 inch circle at 25 yards. All my buddies like to shoot it too.
  9. really? i always thought the .45 had a little more kick.
  10. I usually take both to shoot and the .40 seems to have a sharper recoil to it.

    I use 185 gr FMJ .40 ammo and 230 gr FMJ .45acp ammo.

    That is how it feels to me at least
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    SE WI

    As soon as I can get to a range with my wifes new .45 I'll let you know how it shoots.

    All of my 1911's will hold 2 1/2 inches at 25 yards, even with my ... ummm ... senior eyes.

    I wouldn't expect the HP to match that, but who would?

    HUGE difference in price!

    Besides anything around 10 or 12 inches or so at that range is more than adequate for plinking and real world SD. And I don't doubt for a minute
    that from a rest the HP will do MUCH better than that.

    I think the only limiter on the HP will be the trigger, long "squishy" pull and kind of a soft letoff. And I've found over the years that even some really awful triggers can work just fine once you get used to them, and the HP isn't really what I'd call bad.

    OTOH, with a bit of dry firing the trigger is improving fast, and actually I expect to be pleasently surprised.

    Hope I can get to a range next week. I'll certainly post results if I do.

    Good Luck!

  12. I know exactly what you mean and it is hard to put into words unless you fire both. That is the exact reason that I got rid of my Glock g27. instead of a kick it is more of a snap. For me the .45 is easier to shoot. I can take the boom but didn't like the snap. I have not fired a HP 40 and 45 together. I will do this soon.
  13. Thats a good way of putting it, the .45acp has a kick, but the .40 S&W has a sharp snap to it.

    Different types of recoil, but the .40 is more noticable to me.
  14. i thought about picking up a .40.....haven't made my mind up yet.