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I focused a lot on slow trigger pull last time and started to notice a big difference. Shooting from 10 yards, this was my best target.

Unfortunately I messed it up quite a bit by resting another target's adhesive backing on it. I have a ragged hole in the bulls eye from 2 shots, then most of the rest grouped near by. There are two at the very edge that were not from this magazine load, I took an inexperienced friend and he let loose with some fliers that clipped my target :)

It occurs to me that a lot of the learning/practice I need to do is not particular to 9mm, I think I could learn a ton just from shooting a .22. I'm not sure if I'm ready to spend the money on another pistol so soon or not, but at $120 each time I buy 600 rounds it would pay for itself in ammo savings before too long. I wish hi point made a cheap .22 semi-auto pistol. :)

I was surprised when I saw a deer had wandered onto the pistol range today :-o
A bit later a near-baby dear wandered onto the rifle range. I guess they were quite unlucky deer, or quite lucky depending on how you look at it (they were not accidentally shot).
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