third time at range is a charm with C9

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Reviews & Range Reports' started by IDMTfirefighter, Feb 17, 2016.

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    So after a good cleaning and lubricating & disassembling and tweaking/exercising three magazine springs I had a good third round at the range last night. used several different brands of ammo and now have over 300 rounds shot.

    The C9 worked great...NO fail to fire, NO fail to feed, slide chambered rounds well, pistol is dead accurate to at least 25 ft which is where I typically shoot at. My son who shoots a S/W MP Shield shot more accurately with the Hi-Point than with his own gun...he was impressed.

    I think I will keep my Hi Point :D
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    NE Utah
    Good for you.:)

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    Ok, now we're back on track.
    Thanks for posting.
  4. Great to hear! Glad you stuck with it.
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    Awesome! I love these kinds of posts.

    More people should be like you. Guns are just machines, and at some point most if not all machines need a little tweaking to function properly.

    Just because a gun doesn't function like a broken in precision tool from the get go doesn't mean it is a lemon.

    I grew up at a time when all Japanese dirt bikes were trying to catch up with the quality and craftsmanship of the European makes like Husqvarna, Maico and Bultaco. If you didn't wrench on your Jap bike, even when brand new, and adjust it to suit your needs you wouldn't ride. Period.
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    both youtube and HPFF have been a great resource so thank you to all the veteran HP owners. After firing yesterday I took it down this evening for cleaning and oiling (yes this is my habit...always clean after firing) It looks like my firing pin is slightly bent. I am going to call CS at HP and see about a replacement. beyond that the gun works as advertised...goes bang...and all for $169...who says the USA can't compete?
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    Awesome and it sounds like HP may have another customer.
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    Can't beat the C9 either, not even with a BIG stick! ;)