This ain't good!

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  1. I sent my 995 back to Beemiller on April 30th, priority USPS. IT HAS NOT YET BEEN DELIVERED!!!!

    I have put a trace on the package, and Hi-Point is tracking it from there end, but so far, NOTHING!

    Guys, please pray that my 995 makes it there. I promise I'll only use UPS from now on!!!!!

    Oh, and I asked the dude at the counter for $1,000.00 of insurance, but he didn't add it to the bill, so if it comes up missing, I am out a 995 with NO financial recourse.
  2. Have you talked to the postmaster at the postoffice that you mailed it from ?

  3. Already done, and they are trying to trace the package.
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    What a joke! Primal, the US Post office workers are the same folks (just a little bit older) than the Dumbarses at McDonalds that don't comprehend what "No Mayo on my burger" means.... This is a crying shame, and hope you come out on top.
  5. Bummer. I sure hope they locate it for you. Good luck.
  6. this is a major problem with the post office because most of the workers sift thru the packages and keep the more interesting ones. theft from inside the post office is a HUGE problem.

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    I sent out a box to my sister in Tx from SC it took 3 weeks and a note to her mailman and my calling usps 800 number to finally get it delivered. From now on it will be USP or Fed Ex for me
  8. Sorry to hear that Primal you must be pissed/very worried to all hell no insurance plus you have a firearm somewhere unaccounted for hope they find it :?
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    If it is important, I ship it FedEx. They are certified to transport classified materials so I trust them more than most...(having known someone who worked UPS and what they did to boxes at distribution centers...)

    BTW, hope your gun turns up. I think you have an automatic $100 in coverage. Not enough, but better than nothing.
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    Just remember, they call it "Going Postal" for a reason!
  11. My biggest fear is that someone did exactly that. IF they stole my weapon, fix it and then use it in a crime, it comes back to me as it's registered in my name. First thing I have to do is let the Post Office take their measures to find it, then file a lost weapon report with my local PD/Sheriff's office. Outside of that, I am out a weapon if they don't find it. Yeah, $100.00 isn't bad, but damn, that's my favorite gun. Everytime I go to the range that one is with me no questions asked....

    I am worried sick and it's making me sick thinking about what MIGHT happen or what COULD happen in this situation. Please pray that God will not only help me calm my nerves, but grant me some grace *unmerited favor* in this and get that weapon delivered to Beemiller unscathed... Here's to hoping.
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    How many cigarettes have you gone through since pondering all of these "What if:" situations? Smoke more, chill, you have an alibi... I hope. ;)
  13. Let's just say I've been tweekin' for about 3 days now....
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    Maybe the storm messed up the system and all is just fine. It is the USPS,

    I think you Are in a pickle. It has been a while, and panic is understandable.

    A million things could be the culprit.

    I am hoping good luck for you. And not cause of the 100 dollar weapon either. It could be scrapped for all I care.

    Your peice of mind and Its wereabouts is what I care of. The hands of some one else is my worry .
  15. Hang in there Primal.

    The companies that did the warranty work on my Romak 3 lost the rifle in between themselves for a week before finally finding it sitting in a room at one of the places.

    I freaked until they found it. Just about started drinking again.

    Keep the hope, its out there somewhere.
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  17. I just got off the phone with the 1-800 number for the USPS and there is apparently NOTHING I can do to trace this package. I asked for package tracking and only got delivery confirmation, which means, since I didn't pay for tracking, I don't get it. These people are really pissing me the eff off and there is nothing I can do about it.

    I guess I can kiss my 995 goodby people, it doesn't look as if it's ever coming back.
  18. Really sorry to hear that Primal, just in case it happens to one of us in the future, please let us know what you have to do to cover your rear as far as legally since your weapon is god knows where.

    Just report it to your local police?

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    I say we take up a fund to help primal get a new 995! I'll donate $20.
  20. It ain't over yet people, I am gonna let the Post Office see what they can do locally, and go from there. Maybe it was misplaced and will be delivered this next week.

    Here's to hoping for the best.