this always gets me. lucky just lucky.

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  2. SteveD

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    50 cal that wonder

  3. Yeah he should have went down that day and put some money on the lotto.

    That was his lucky day.
  4. :shock: :idea: you think?
  5. Safety reminder to all: make sure of your backstop.
  6. Strangerous

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    I get chills every time i hear the sound in the video.
  7. that was edited in for effect, wasn't it?
  8. He was knockin on heavens door that day :shock:
  9. Maybe he should get something a little smaller. I have a 22 I would be willing to trade!!!! I'll even through in some shells!!!
  10. Strangerous

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  11. My bro vouches for it to.
  12. I have heard a ricocheted 105mm round go overhead, I think the audio is real.
  13. wow, I had always thouht that it ws added in for effect. that makes it all that much scarier