This dont belong in this forum, but....

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  1. I was just wondering how everyone is doing? I myself am fairly decent.
  2. Good to go for me but I am an independent employee and for the second year in a row I have not been able to save for my income tax. I am going to hire Wesley Snipes attorney's. LOL

  3. Yeah no shit, my old man has owns his own HVAC business....and I think he was saying he might have to pay in some 60K or something this year.
  4. I'm fine. How are you? :?
  5. Every day I wake up is a minor victory, so things could be much worse ;)
  7. I'm just great, wife made me trade my mustang in for a Prius. Atleast I'm getting 45-50 mpg.
  8. stremph

    stremph Guest

    Outstanding, thanks.

    Work is going well, we're expecting our first child in June, and I just picked up a Saiga-12 the Friday before last.

    Life is good.
  9. Ari

    Ari Guest

    Very good indeed! I shot my 995 this weekend....
  10. Congrats stremph, my sympathies Dru. I know how the toys can go away when you get married. Been there done that got the t-shirt
  11. baileydale

    baileydale Guest

    pretty doggone good meself. to be old and rode hard and put up wet !!!!
  12. Thats not too bad, try totaling a mint 93 Typhoon to a deer and getting a 93 Beretta in exchange.
  13. 69burbon

    69burbon Well-Known Member

    :? How do we classify this thread?

    Everyday I wake up and can get out of bed is a good day. Any day I wake up and can pick up my guns is a Great Day!!! :D
  14. Life rocks my socks......sure beats the alternative
  15. Pretty good, thank you, but then any day on the right side of the grass is better then the alternative.
  16. As my wife says, I'm better than nothing.
  17. As long as I wake up in the morning, I'm great! :roll:
  18. I'm still on the green side of the grass!! Birthday #68 coming up in two weeks.
  19. well, school is what it is. Work is good. Politics are heating up at the range(relating to range use and such, blegh), I should be buying pistol(s) soon. Guess I don't have too much to complain about.
  20. Good lord, your as old as dirt! JUST KIDDING!!! (I'm almost 50 myself)

    Happy early birthday! :lol: