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  1. So I;m at the grocery store, a store called Sainsbury's, and I used my debit card to pay; if you use cards here that you need to swipe (since most over here are chip and pin cards), they need to compare your signature between the receipt and card (technically they are supposed to in the States, too, but they never do; here, they are extremely strict with it). Well, my debit card is pretty old and pretty well used, and the signature on it is for the most part destroyed, so they require another piece of ID with a signature on it to compare. Normally I use my Ohio driver's license, but I had forgotten it in the car, leaving the only thing with my signature on it in my wallet: my Ohio CCW permit.
    So I give it to the cashier, and she VISIBLY recoils. The cashier was sitting in a chair, and had been leaning forward when she took my card, then her back hit the back of the chair and she put a hand over her chest in that "Oh my," way. The bad oh my way, not the good way. She goes, "Sir, do you have another piece of ID?"
    Okay, I don't make my CCW my first choice when it comes to giving people my ID, obviously. But I only have a few cards with my legible signature on them, that being one, and the only one I had on me at the time.
    So I said, "No, but my signature's on it," and she proceeds to hit a button to call over a supervisor. The supervisor comes over, and the cashier says, "I don't think I can accept this."
    The supervisor looks at it and says, "Why?"
    The cashier explains, "It's a gun permit, not an ID?"


    This made me smile like a downright fool. She goes, "My husband's in the Air Force, we were stationed at Wright-Patt [Wright-Patterson Air Force Base] for six years."

    Needless to say, they accepted my signature and I made a friend. :p
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    Good story.
    The CCW is a government (at state level) issued picture id so I don't see why not.
    But in England that's funny right there. :)

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    Pure awesomeness.

    I'd be tempted to never use anything else as ID. ;)

    Peace favor your sword,
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    I like how she acted like you told her you had the Black Plague! That's funny, yet stupidly sad.
  5. I enjoyed the story and thanks for sharing. It seems that anything related to private citizens (subjects) having "guns" really get most Brit's nickers in a wad.
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    best story of the day right there! now i know what i'm gonna use anytime ID is requested.
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    Small world just got smaller! Great share

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    Poor girl probably quit after that. Can't be working with any gun owners, they might shoot her one day
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    That was a fun read. Thanks
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    WAAAAAA! I feel left out. I don't have a CCW (Arizona, no CCW necessary, and no license necessary. I could get a CCW, and without the hassle of courses and tests just by showing them my DD-214. They figure if you've been in the military, you're trained in gun safety).
  11. Lol I'm more impressed that in England you met an Ohio CCW holder...small world!
  12. Well yesterday at Asda (another grocery store), I was wearing my Undead Survivor shirt (the one I got from a fun shoot at my range back in Ohio), and I heard a kid yell, "He has a gun!"
    Then about one Mississippi second later. "On his shirt!"

    Little bastard.
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    You should have given him the "Gibbs Slap" :D
  14. I wanted to give him what my Dad used to give me; that middle knuckle right to the top of the head. Christopher Titus calls it the reset button. :p
  15. Not as small as you might think lol.
    Wright-Patterson AFB is the biggest base in the Air Force, and hosts a MAJCOM (AFMC) so it's not unusual to run into people that have been stationed there. Had she been an English civilian with no military ties, THAT would have been a small world, but around the area, with at least five bases that host American units (Lakenheath, Mildenhall, Feltwell, Alconbury, and Molesworth), you've basically got a mini-America here. On my shift alone, there are three CCW holders; two Ohio (myself and another coworker), and one Florida.
    Someone in the squadron actually has a California CCW, she's a bit of a mystery lol. But yeah, a lot of people around here, be it military or civilians, have CCWs from various states.
    Of course, it's slightly more annoying out here for me; my reputation as the squadron gun guy trickled down from Ohio, so now I get a lot of questions about it from the people here who have been overseas for a looong time. Just the other day, one guy was asking me how I managed to buy an AR, I told him what I tell anyone else, "I walked into the store, paid, and walked out with one," and he was like, "But aren't ARs all banned now since Newtown?"
    Yeah, access to the Internet aside, information here isn't exactly the most free-flowing thing in the world it seems.
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    ...and B**** Slap his parent:D
  17. Actually I think it was his Mom that made him say it was on the shirt, she was giving him the business when I looked.
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    Isn't that how they want us, and our kids, to behave?
    To be so afraid of guns that we think a picture of one will automatically jump off the shirt and start killing everything in sight.

    wouldn't that backfire eventually? Everyone so scared of guns they refuse to join the military because they'd have to look at/touch/use a gun at some point
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    NE Utah
    It's still good for them, as they have the lists of nutjobs, malcontents and criminals; and can recruit them to do whatever needs done. Evil bonus being, those guys won't have a problem firing on their countrymen.:cool:
  20. If would have done that my folks would have taken me to the car and
    beat my ass.