This is just I really need a CF.380?

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    Now that I have my C9 and my JHP45, I'm finding myself trying to justify the purchase of a Hi-Point .380. I don't have anything else that shoots .380 and need it like a hole in the head, but I sold one of my rifles today and I'm finding myself considering getting one when I get the money.

    One question, though...physically are the C9 and the .380 the same size, or is the .380 smaller?
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    I have the .380 and the C9. The .380 was my first HP purchase. The guns are the same size, and are identical in design, with the exception of the silver stripe on the slide of the .380 and they use the same mags.

    As a person who owns both, I'd say that you're not really missing anything if you already have the C9. The .380 is a nice pistol, but in this cal. it gets pretty expensive for plinking (if you're not doing your own reloads). My .380 is now used for a home defense weapon. I use the C9 for targeting as it's much cheaper to shoot with.

    If you feel that you must have it then by all means pick one up, but I don't think you're really missing out on anything if you already have the C9. Personally given HP's line-up I'd rather see them drop the .380 and replace that with a .22 model.

  3. I, too, have both. I bought the C9 first. I bought the CF380 thinking that the recoil might be easier for my wife to handle. It feels like the recoil spring is a little less than the C9. Other than that and the silver stripe, they are the same.

    Out of the box, the CF380 didn't need any adjustment to the sight. Also, I had no FTE or FTF with 100 round. My C9 had 6 FTF with 100 rounds.
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    usually the .380 is for people who either can't handle something bigger or what a more compact design for carry.

    since can obviously handle something bigger.. and there is'nt any size advantage for carry between the two, like was said it's gonna cost more to shoot also, so i would'nt bother getting one unless you want one "just cause".
  5. I love .380's but the CF380 is a bit large, same size as my C9, so I decided to pass on it.

    Why not check out the 995 Carbine, uses the same ammo as your C9 and is down right fun to shoot.
  6. I am thinking along the same line as rimfirehunter, if you do not have a Hi Point carbine, you are really missing out on a lot of fun.
  7. Ok I have both of them, heck, I have all four of them380, 9 mm, 40 and 45, so I aint the best one to ask. I like them all and if I had to get one to go with the 9 mm I think I would rather have the 40
  8. Big Jim, I am a big fan of the .40 myself, as far as they go, the C9 has been a sweetheart from the beginning, no problems at all and me and the 40 have had a love hate relationship because I am pretty sure of my limpwristing.

    I recently discovered another way of holding the pistol which seems to have made a real difference.

    The .40 is a more powerful round than the 9mm and I would just feel more comfortable with it if I ever had to use it to defend myself.

    Just my personal preference, of course
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    Well, I started with the C9, and I absolutely love my 995. I bought the JHP 45 pretty well "just because", I have a couple of other .45's and I just liked the feel of it. But now y'all have got me thinking...I could get the .40 cal, then later that would give me a reason to get the 4095. Of course, by then, I'd have to go ahead and get the .380 so I'm pretty well stuck no matter how I go :p
  10. I started with the CF380. I really like the gun. I found myself shooting it a lot less after I got the C9. If you already have the C9, and don't have a need for the 380, I wouldn't get it. I am looking at getting the newer 40 as mine is one of the older ones that does not have last round hold open. Then of course I need to get the 4095 to go with it.
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    If you have some money, and you're biggest problem is you can't figure out which gun to buy, you must be a redneck :D
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    Don't question why, just buy it!
  13. I'd get a carbine too if I was in your shoes.
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    If you can't fight the urge.., just give in to it :) Just ask yourself, could it really hurt to own another HP model.?.?.? It's not like you're buying a POS handgun with no online user support, and a shotty warranty.

    I just think that since you already own the C9, that you may find better use of it (especially for targeting, considering the difference in price of ammo between the two).

    Have you considered the C-9 Comp? This may help you scratch that itch a bit.
  15. If you want the collection, get it! If you're asking yourself if you need it, you probably don't. As others have said, the c-9 is the same size and weight, and the ammo is cheaper and more powerful than the .380. That being said, I absolutely loved my HP .380.
  16. If it makes you feel any better I'm getting a .45 just because it's a good price and its a Hi-Point I don't have lol.
  17. Just to be different........

    Go to the shop, grab $100 of 9MM, and $100 of .380. Put them side by side on the counter. Then make your decision.

    I like having common calibers across so I can shoot more, and 9MM is cheaper - much cheaper in some cases.
  18. The 380 is also known as 9mm Kurtz, or the "short 9mm. Diameter is basically the same, but the casing is shorter. According to sources, the .380ACP is the minimum self defense round. The 9mm Luger(parabellum) is a hotter round and has a higher velocity.
  19. "Don't rely on a firearm for self defense if the caliber doesn't begin with 4"

    Exception being .357 SIG .
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    I'll eventually end up getting the whole line up. The only question is really what order to get them in.