This is so far away from guns, but I need to ask.

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  1. This is so far away from guns, but I need to ask.

    Who out there has had to have your house's foundation lifted? My house has a corner that has sagged and the brick wall has one wide long gap and a narrow gap on the adjoining wall that needs to be fixed.

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    I will ask my brother: He was a journeyman in construction. I myself stick to communications...

  3. How far is the acutal floor off the ground? You said brick wall, so I am assuming that you have a crawl space under the floor. If so, all they are going to do is come in there with some 10 ton hydraulic jacks and place them at strategic spots on the floor, disconnect all the pipes and any electrical that's running under the house and start jacking it up. They they are going to fix your foundation. NOW! MAKE SURE YOU TELL THEM TO LEVEL THE FLOOR WHEN THEY LOWER IT BACK DOWN!!!! If you don't tell them that you want the floor completely level, they won't do it, and you'll be out all of that money for nothing. While the house is in the air, they will do a temp fix on the water, sewage and electrical so you can live there while they are working on it. If you have any other questions, let me know.
  4. Don't listen to him, he fuels jets for a living, not fixes buildings. Here's what you want to do. First dig a tunnel under your house, then up to the foundation. Then get you and three of your buddies to push up from beneath with your wife spotting you from outside to tell you when it looks good. Once she gives you the word, you will start placing boards and bricks to hold it in place. Then check it with a level and apply shims as necessary to level it. Then once this is all done, the leveling job is done and you start dumping the dirt back in. Job complete and all it cost you was a couple cases of beer for you and your friends.

    EDIT: if you can't get friends to help, just use a car jack, it'll work just fine.
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    we did the corner of my dads house in a similar way, we dug a tretch and used a floor jack for it lol.
  6. LOL! Actually this is how we leveled a trailor that a friend was using for storage on his property. I made up the tunnel part, we crawled under it, but really used block and shims with someone inside with about 4 levels sitting around. I was being a sarcastic a34hole but apparently it wasn't as funny as I had thought it would be, ohwell.
  7. Nicad, if you want a contractor's opinion, send me a PM. I ran my own business in construction for 12 years, I'll give you the straight scoop anytime.

    :wink: That really was funny Taurus, but since you now live in NC, I thought it was the redneck influence rubbing off on you.... :D
  8. Well it didn't rub off from you after being there for how long? I doubt it'll do anything to be here. You and Aaron are neck and neck for the biggest red neck award at that base.
  9. I buy and shoot alot of guns... He drives Jeeps that are lifted 4 feet off the ground with 36 inch tires.... Who's the bigger redneck? :wink:
  10. Yes, but your the kinda guy that I could drive by your house on base and not be a bit suprised to see you standing in the front yard with a deer strung up. Your two are twoo different breeds of rednecks, but still both rednecks. Want more proof? What kinda beer do you drink? And I bet you got one in your hand right now. nuff said bubba
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    If the shoe fits, take a shotgun to it, shoot the toes out and give it to the wife as a new pair of sandals!!! :wink:
  12. Just remember to take it off first.
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    Now thats quote of the day matieriel right there...