This is the best room in the world

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    man that rocks! looks like they even have a small shooting range through one of the doors.

  3. That my friends, is the difference between being rich, and collecting on a budget.

    I always get offended when they say "for the serious collector" Im just as serious as the next guy, I just dont have deep pockets like alot of collectors.
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    It would not surprise me to learn that this room belongs to the same people that want to take your fireams away. They don't want their collections value degraded.
  5. It's not Heston's--
    -- from another forum.

    I don't know who Bruce Stern is (was) and I don't know if it's his collection. This has been posted a bunch of times all over the net and no matter how often it goes up, I study the pictures. I NEED a collection like that!

    BTW--did you notice the firing range?
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    might have been Bruce Dern. He was in a crapload of westerns.
  7. I have seen it before, but worth a bunch of looks. I was told before it belonged to a rich Texan, but dont know one way or the other.
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    I had seen the pictures a while back as well but came across it using the "stumbleupon" firefox extension (there is actually a "guns" interest)
    & was blown away again by it.

    I figured it was worth a post here :)

    I wonder if whoever it was had any pistols though :) Maybe they are all in the drawers?

    And I love firearms - but I don't think I would ever buy a flamethrower ... of course if I was as rich as this guy was - maybe I would...
  9. If I was as rich as that guy was I would have a couple of tanks and artillery pieces sitting outside :lol:
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    I'd have them in underground silos that were constructed between the hours of 2 and 5am... with a 15ft privacy fence around the entire property during the construction of the silo... I don't advertise, and don't think it wise to do so... ;)
  11. Strangerous, anyone that breaks into the house of a guy with a tank outside deserves what he gets ;)