This is the kind of guy we should be celebrating!

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    AUSTIN (KXAN) — A family outing turned into a special memory for a local toddler. Take a look at this picture posted on Twitter by the Austin Police Department. Some 10 days ago, a family who recently moved to Austin went to the Holiday Stroll and lighting of the Christmas tree at the Capitol.

    The family spotted Officer John Noetzel. They waved, he waved — and then approached them. The mother of the 2-year-old boy you see in this picture says the officer made her toddler’s day, after he shared what he does as a police officer. The young boy whispered to his mom that he wanted to give the officer a hug. The child says he was star-struck and is still talking about that night every day.
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    That's awesome! Wishing a great holiday to that officer - and to all the other LEOs who daily treat people with respect and professionalism and heart every day without anybody knowing it but the people they treated well.

  3. Anyone else ever notice that a lot more of these PR press releases show up after the police get a lot of bad press?