This looks like it hurt!

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  2. Oh man!!! that had to break ribs or something that looked brutal

  3. That is why they taught us in tanks not to stand behind the breech while loading.

    I had one SFC Plt Sgt that wore a white glove on his loading hand, heard it got mashed in an accident like that, he never would take off the glove or talk about it.
  4. I am sorry, I LAUGHED MY BUTT OFF!!! OUCH! That had to suck!
  5. The recoil could easily kill you, especially if there was a failure in the recoil hydralics that control how fast and how far the tube comes back.
  6. HOLY CRAP! And the guys beside him didn't even move when it happened. PBA, flat out.

    [ PBA - Poor Bas**** Award ]