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  1. I don't know how this didn't get posted to the Membership, but the Mods/Admins of HPFF have been officially invited to the Shot Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center, starting tomorrow and ending on the 5th of Feb. As it stands now, only myself and Elguapo will be attending this year. However, if I can sneak a camera in, I will be taking pictures of the Hi-Point booth...

    Oh, and we were invited to go by the Director of Marketing of MKS Supply, *no names* and I go get the door passes tomorrow... :wink:

  2. It's about time you guys got to have a look for yourselves so we will know if the 4595 is real.
    Have a good time.
  3. I will see what they will let me post and what they want to keep a lid on. Other than that, I don't know what else I'll be able to provide for you guys. Regardless, we'll get you guys as much information as possible, you have my word on that.
  4. Good man Primal, I hope you guys have a blast
  5. Now THAT's recognition. Well done, gentleman, well done indeed!
  6. some of us are waiting on pins and needles for a update
  7. Well, the update on the 4595 is this:

    They have one finished, but it wasn't at the Shot Show. They are going to showcase that carbine at the NRA show later this year, so look for updates at that time. I was pretty dissapointed that we didn't get to see it, but hey, we were there as their guests, I wasn't going to bitch.

    Now, what they are looking at is a mid September - October release date for the 4595... I can't say when that will be, cuz they didn't tell me. All I know is that it's going to be going into production soon, to be released around early fall.

    Sorry I couldn't tell you more.
  8. Well, at least now they're saying "this year" instead of "next year". That's an improvement... isn't it?
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    Did they display the 40 and 45 Hunter pistols that were listed on the Shot Show web site?