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    Today I took the but plate off all my long guns and drilled holes big enough to add extra rounds. My drill bit would only go far enough to add 6 rounds of 22LR. I had to drill 2 holes. I was suprised to see that my H & R single shot 20 guage, was already drilled big enough for 3 rounds. That's how the stock was installed to the frame. I did put foam earplugs between the rounds to keep them apart and to keep them from making noise. Be sure that if you do this to your H & R, use foam before you put the first round in and drop the first round with the primer facing you as a safty percaution. The stock mounting screw could hit the primer during recoil of rough handling.
  2. When it comes to adding stuff to the stocks what I like to do is add gun parts instead of ammo. Having a spare extractor, ejector, springs, firing pin and ever recoil spring(s) will go a long way to keeping your firearm operational in the event you have something break. I like to add slings to any rifle that will be carried in the field, or used for survival, then I add a small pouch like a military surplus compass pouch to the sling for carrying extra rounds.

    I also have a shoulder carried bag, kinda like the old mountain man's possibles bag, that contains my ready to use items, cleaning kit and spare ammo. Keep the modern possibles bag with your rifle, at all times, and you will never leave home without having the stuff you need to keep going in the field.