This opened my eyes quite a bit...... YIKES!

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  1. I have NO idea why I've never done this before today, but today I did.

    Background - For SD, I practice at 5, 7, 10 yards, or 30 feet max. I do shoot at times up to 15 yards but not as often.

    So today, I'm following the Mrs. around a store or two. I'm used to looking about to see who's where and if they may be carrying, where trouble might be, cover opportunities, and all that. It's good practice and makes the time go faster.

    Then for no reason I can think of, while walking I count off 10 paces, or about 30 feet. THEN I turn around to see where I came from. HOLY CRAP! That's close!!!! Then I mark off another 15 paces from new starting point. Yikes, that close too. For the rest of my visits to retail he** today, I count off 10, THEN look for cover and potential escape routes, etc. I am AMAZED how close 10-15 yards is, and it leaves you just about NO time to react in a defensive manner (i.e. take cover, run, etc.) - and unless you're prepared and quick, you'd having trouble drawing unless you had lots of practice.

    So - that's my personal ah-ha for today. Try it sometime. Stop, count off 10 in any direction and see where you are standing. I couldn't believe it.

    This is all the more reason to get into the habit of looking out for opportunities, etc. to get into trouble BEFORE it finds you. You just don't have the time to react and if you're practicing like me, there may be some outages. I need to go do some thinking about this.

    Other thoughts are welcome.
  2. Some people would say a tad paranoid, but in this day and age I say you are working on being prepared for whatever society throws at you

    I always watch what is going on around me because there are just too many nut jobs around these days.

    Sad fact

  3. Exactly, they call you paranoid but they are naeve.
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    Exactly Newskate9!

    And most ordinary citizen non-leo shootings or "gunfights" are CLOSER, last figure I saw said 3-6 feet IIRC.

    Shooting bullseyes at 25 yards is nice but has no bearing whatsoever on self defense shooting.

    And you're right, about the draw, that's the big flaw in the concealed carry laws about concealment. Way too slow from true concealment.

    High ride or crossdraw under a sport coat is about as deep as it goes to still leave you any chance.

    And that isn't very concealed!

    Good and accurate post, IMHO.

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    When I was a teenager, I learned situational awareness and agressive environment tactics from what has to be one of the most violent and ruthless environments in the Western World.

    Premire Leauge Football matches.

    I am not kidding. Just ask anyone who has been at one, and you will hear how every 2 feet is a new danger, and that how you look and regard (or NOT regard someone) can affect 10 people around you, and all in an instant without even saying a word. Granted there is VERY, VERY rarely any form of firearms recognition involved, but many of the same defence tactics apply here. Not only is it a good exercise there, it's also a practical application if one team or the other is going south fast in the second period.

    If you're still confused, rent the movie "Green Street Holligans" with Elijha Wood, and it should explain everything.
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    HHHMMMMMMMM,,,,, I think most of my shopping is gonna be from home and infront of the computer now. My Fed-Ex driver is almost used to the laser dot on his chest as he walks up to my front door.
  7. Lol :lol:
  8. I routinely practice at 25 yards as well as the closer ranges. You ever walk into Wal-Mart and look at the far wall and realize it is out of the effective range of most shotguns?? Which also means it is a long shot for a handgun as well. 25 yards, 75 feet really isn't that far away either. If you really want to blow your mind, go out into the desert and see how close 200 yards is. It is very deceiving. Driving back from California, you come down this hill and you see Whiskey Pete's Casino at the state line. The first time you see it, you're almost 12 MILES away!!
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    With my CCW and most pistols, I practice at either the five or seven yard targets.
  10. Practicing at close yardage, getting used to a quick draw is only gonna save you time when you ARE in a situation where the bad guy is a bit farther away. Fast is always good, but if you have more time AND you're fast, you're even better.
  11. Aint that the truth! My UPS driver has delivered so much ammo to my house that he know better than to get silly with me LOL
  12. With my carry gun I practice at ranges varying from a few feet to out past it's effective range (out to about 120 yards or sometimes a bit more, verified with a range finder).

    I can hit a bowling pin at those ranges though most shots come close, it will usually take me between 5-8 shots to get the pin at long range.

    Know your gun and your bullet trajectory and know them well.
  13. Glad I posted this...... a host of good thoughts on how I want to alter my training. Thanks, guys.
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    I carry my NAA 22mag, palmed whenever I'm out.Never know when a bad guy or a grandma with an attitude is going to pop up.:)Have my 995 mounted on a tripod pointed out the rear window, with one in the pipe and the trigger within reach of the drivers seat.When that rear window pops open , certainly gives those tailgaters pause!My 50 BMG is simply too loud to fire inside my Liberty...