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When I was a teenager, I learned situational awareness and agressive environment tactics from what has to be one of the most violent and ruthless environments in the Western World.

Premire Leauge Football matches.

I am not kidding. Just ask anyone who has been at one, and you will hear how every 2 feet is a new danger, and that how you look and regard (or NOT regard someone) can affect 10 people around you, and all in an instant without even saying a word. Granted there is VERY, VERY rarely any form of firearms recognition involved, but many of the same defence tactics apply here. Not only is it a good exercise there, it's also a practical application if one team or the other is going south fast in the second period.

If you're still confused, rent the movie "Green Street Holligans" with Elijha Wood, and it should explain everything.
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