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This proves there's more than 100 995TS out there......

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I heard that they are shipping at a rate of 200 per week
I had a 100 mile NYS drive yesterday covering from near the Penn boarder to the pond of Ontario. On the way I stopped @ 3 shops I have dealt with in the past, all listed as dealers on HP's site. They all "use to" carry Hi Point products but none had heard of the TS or seemed very interested in checking on it either. Nothing new HP in stock anywhere as well, these guys all seemed to have given up on finding anything HP.

I'm glad to see this post as last night I saw an expired Gunbroker post (?, can't find it now) from 6/20 (expired with NO bids? Hum...). It stated they had made only 100 TS's and that was it for now until 995 / 4095 back orders were filled. With all the TS posts here that just doesn't make sense to me. But with HP not even mentioning the TS on their web site I'm beginning to kinda wonder if this is an Urban Legend here...not really, but I hate to spin my wheels, so to speak, without concrete info. Anyone have info on a legit distributor (i.e., non 3rd party dealer) that has these? I am heading to a local smith / shop on another issue in the morning and plan on seeing if he's able to locate one for me...any / all info appreciated.

(this afternoon I got lucky, @ my local Wally World I found 4 boxes of 100 WWB 40 S&W's and was told to call in the morning on some possible 9mm's going on the shelves from a delivery today...that would be a great double score eh?...a TS and 9mm ammo...all in one day!)
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Wow I didn't know they were semi hard to find, I walked into my LGS and there it was on the shelf waiting for me....calling to me lol.
the 6 that my LGS and the 3 originals were gone today, they just put them on the shelf on monday!
the 6 that my LGS and the 3 originals were gone today, they just put them on the shelf on monday!
Um, it's black and looks evil..... a ban is coming!! Get 2 now!!
I am picking up my new TS tomorrow! My dealer uses Zanders Sporting Goods as one of his distributors, and as of this posting they have 26 in stock. I don't know how the whole dealer/distributor thing works, but I would imagine your dealer could order one from them once a FFL copy was one file.
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