This should be an honorary member of the Hi-Point family.

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  1. I also shot my "Hi-Point" .22 pistol. Okay, not a Hi-Point, but it is an HP22a by Phoenix Arms.

    IMO, this gun should be an honorary member of the Hi-Point family. Qualifications? Inexpensive, blow-back design, fixed barrel, ugly (or good looking, your choice), diss'd on gun forums by people that have never shot one, and fun to shoot!

    No feed problems with the first 250 rounds. But I have to have more than 1 mag!

    I know that it is not a self-defense weapon but it is a pocket gun. Here in Tennessee, once I get my carry permit, I can carry my C9 and HP22a (and my CF380) all at the same time; open, concealed, or a combination of either one. This is truly red-neck heaven!

    Now if I can find a holster that will hold my CF380 with the laser...
  2. Good deal. A guy I know carries a .25 revolver unloaded open carry as "bait"
    so if someone goes for his gun, they go after the wrong one (he has a GLOCK 23 IWB). Personally I would rather not have any guns showing period, but it was an interesting thing to consider.

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    So I stopped at my FLGS on the way back from lunch today with this thread in mind. "Do you carry anything by Pheonix Arms" said I. "Nope, dealers in SC can't sell them because the melting point is below 850 degrees", was the answer. Got back to work and called another localish shop. Same answer. GO SOUTH CAROLINA!

    So apparently that's one more reason for them to be part of the Hi-Point family. Now I've got to own one.

    Do you have pics of your new toy?
  4. Will post pics tonight. My company does not like handguns in the office. Not like I'll GO POSTAL!!! :D
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    I completely vote against having that thing related in anyway to a hi-point.

    the frames are prone to cracking and after my 3rd time returning the firearm for service the owner basically told me my lifetime warranty had expired.

    Ill post a link later but check the SNS forum for the problem.

    keep in mind the frame cracks are not isolated to 1 pistol as ive had 3 crack and others on the SNS forum have discovered cracks since then.

    The thing is a piece of junk, though i dont see any danger of it KBing it will eventually tweak the frame until it no longer functions. when that happens im going to destroy the frame and donate the barrel/internals to another owner of an HP22a. As i cannot in good faith sell this junker to someone.
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    Or maybe not. :shock:
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  8. When I first saw this thread, I just went for popcorn and waited for z71 to show up. :lol:

    I have an HP22 and like it, particularly because I got it new for less than half MSRP (i.e. I bought one used with a broken sear, and it was replaced under warranty). Nevertheless, I understand z's frustration, and would be very leery of paying full price for one. A pity: it's a great little plinker when it works, which seems to be all the time. Until the frame goes, at least.
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    I concur.

    Its a great shooter and accurate I really want to like the phoenix. Ive shot more than the $100 i paid for it but I wouldnt buy one for more than $40 now.

    Maybe some relief cuts like Skyy/Sccy is doing now would solve the issue. If Phoenix will not relief cut the gun upon request i'd suggest doing it yourself as shooting the gun any amount is likely to cause cracks.
  10. Well, z71, if you didn't use your gun as a hammer or to try and split logs while you were camping maybe it wouldn't have cracked. (SARCASM/JOKING) :wink:

    Anywho, we, sbroomheadsr, and I will let ya'll know how it holds up.
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    just keep an eye on it and avoid stingers.

    even though mine all cracked around 300rnds, Ive got 2,000rounds through my most recent one. the little thing just wont give up.
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    It would be really nice if Hi-Point made a .22 of some sort. I'd definately buy it. Who knows? The 4595 is actually coming out, so it seems wishes of all sort are being granted.
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    The 4595 has been "coming out" for the last couple of years. Don't hold your breath. :roll:
  15. Thanks hobo, good looking holster.

    Thanks z71silverado98, I'll keep an eye on it. Of course with only 1 mag it takes a while to shoot any amount of ammo.
  16. It's a the new stock???
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  18. when that day comes, I'll be glad to take the parts off your hands. I have a pheonix that I bought missing a few parts. (mag button and mag catch spring) now that I have "rednecked" it( turns out the flint lighter from a disposable lighter is teh perfect fit) I need to see if teh new spring will hold out. I'll eventually call pheonix and see about replacement parts, but if my ingenuity holds out, I may be able to wait awhile.
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    No prob, you might have to wait a while though. It gets about 500rnds a month and though it looks pretty mangled now w/ chunks missing out of both sides of the frame, it still cycles and fires perfectly.
  20. I'm out of town right now, so can't check, but PM me as a reminder; I have most of an HP22 in parts, and probably have the ones you need. BTW, this isn't one that cracked one me; it's a kit I bought on GB after I found the broken sear issue (see above post), and before I knew whether Phoenix would fix it or not.