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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by tallbump, Sep 13, 2014.

  1. tallbump

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    Some of you know, I have a friend who is a guard at our Federal Courthouse. he works for a private company that is contracted by DHS. He is the weapons expert/firearms instructor for his company, and has worked different security details in the past, such as New Orleans after Katrina, body guard for high power executives, etc....

    Well, today his unit has to do qualifying and training.

    Myself and a co-worker's husband are heading out to role play as bad guys and hostages. The good guys will be using those cool airguns that resemble Glocks in looks and handling. So, basically I'll be getting shot at by a bunch of trained professionals.

    Hopefully I'll get a chance to shoot back a bit :D
  2. greg_r

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    :eek: keep ur head down !!!

  3. Rachgier

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    It will be a good opportunity to experience what it feels like to be on the business end of a firearm. Don't forget to bring a change of shorts, and make sure you go to the bathroom pre-exercise. Nothing sucks worse than getting thrown to the ground with a full bladder or wondering if it's a fart or a shart you're holding back.
  4. tallbump

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    Pretty much what I was thinking Rach...besides the cool factor, it will give me a chance to see how I will feel/react in certain situations that I hopefully will never have to, but my just very well be in.

    Honestly, that's the main reason I hope we get the opportunity to shoot back. I want to see how I perform in a high stress situation.
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    As the Klingons say "Today is a good day to die!".........Actually it could be fun and educational.
  6. undeRGRound

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    Subbing for post-drill updates :D
  7. tallbump

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    Ok, well, no real firefights at all. the officer all got the airguns, but no shots were fired.

    We ended up just role playing several different shoot/no shoot scenarios.

    Before we started, I did take one shot voluntarily so I could see how it would fell. It actually bounced right off, barely felt it. But it was quite weird straing right at a gun pointed at me, knowing I would be shot.

    Another time, I had a victim at knife point. I had 2 guys with guns on me. One sncuk in from behind (through a back door) and took my head off at point blank range. That was pretty interesting.

    Mostly, the situations were designed to teach the guys to listen, deescalate and try to prevent/avoid conflict. It was very interesting indeed. In almost every scenario, at least one officer ( each scenario had either one or 3) got shot.

    In one scenario I held a gun to my own head while they talked me down. That was another interesting experience
  8. planosteve

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    Well at least you didn't shoot yourself. Sounds interesting.
  9. tallbump

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    I was also cuffed once, and put in an arm bar once and walked out...both firsts for me.

    I have to say, the arm bar is highly effective. My arm still friggin hurts, and I doubt he was trying to hurt me, and I certainly wasn't resisting.
  10. SWAGA

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    Arm bars and wrist locks use pressure points and are 'friggin painful'
    Back in a previous life I trained in Jiu Jitsu for a little bit and the Sensai could put me on my knees without even trying. A wrist lock and your legs just buckle. Weird but effective.
    Cool beans that you could do that, it's always fun to play the bad guy.
  11. tallbump

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    It was a blast...but my arm still friggin hurts. I'm going to have to have to have them teach me how to do that. Highly effective.

    I also got to check out (not fire, just handle) their duty weapons...Glock 17s. I liked the light weight, but the finger grooves just didn't fit my hand right.