This weekend sucks

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by lklawson, Aug 3, 2015.

  1. lklawson

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    Wife asked me to take vacation days for both Friday and Monday. go visit the monster-in-law. Fine. Rhe woman is a piece of work. She dislikes most men and thinks that all of them are incompetent idiots. She dislikes most women only slightly less than men, for the same reasons.

    So there's vacation days up in smoke with a woman who doesn't like me.

    My mother went into the hospital last Thursday for heart ablation to treat arrhythmia. Seemed to go well so they released her on Friday. Dad texted me on Saturday that she was having headaches, very high blood pressure, and they were going to the emergency room. She's been there since undergoing various treatments and diagnostics. Keeping her till Tuesday at least, last I heard.

    The icing on the cake came tonight when I heard the monster-in-law YELLING at my 8-yo daughter. Apparently the child was talking too loud at the dinner table. "STOP YELLING AT ME! TURN ARROUND AND SIT YOUR BUTT IN THE SEAT, LEGS FORWARD, LIKE A LITTLE LADY! PAY ATTENTION AND MAYBE YOU WON'T MAKE A MESS. STOP CRYING!"

    Wife begged me not to go in.

    I still think we should have just left right then. We're leaving Monday morning (tomorrow) and it's not soon enough.

    Vile woman.
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  2. Rachgier

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    It's like jail or rotating home. x amount of days, and a wake up. At least you're down to just a wake up.

  3. monsterdawg

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    I sincerely hope and pray that your mother is well, Kirk.
  4. Bull

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    Prayers for your Mom's health Kirk.....
  5. It's times like this I feel lucky. Mother-in-law stayed with us for a month, never suggested anything or gave any advice unless we asked, same with my parents. That and we're thousands of miles away from both, so...that's a plus. :p
  6. Think1st

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    I wish your mother the best of fortunes, Kirk, and have the highest hopes that you will have many more opportunities to visit her, in good health, with many fewer sentences to weekends at the monster-in-law's lair.
  7. Rerun

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    Wish Your Mom Good Health on my behalf.

  8. Hermitt

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    Prayers and best wishes for your mom, Kirk.
  9. sarahsmom

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    Praying for your mom, Kirk.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    You can pick your friends, can't pick your relatives..............well in your could have! All my ex mother inlaws liked me. First one had dementia!
  11. HP/C9/45ACP

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    I never had but one problem/disagreement with my mother in law, she saw very soon I wasn't putting up with someone else trying to get into my family business. My father in law was a totally different story, after having problems/disagreements several times and trying to get along I finally just broke all ties with him. My wife/children visited him as they wanted, but I decided in order to keep peace it was better I just stay away. I probably didn't see him, much less spend time with him more that a dozen times in the last 5 years of his life. I hate that it had to be that way, but if that's what it took for us to get along, so be it.
  12. MachoMelvin

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    Now that is FUNNY!
  13. bscar

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    cut the woman's brake lines and call it a day
  14. Bull

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    I'm surprised he didn't give her the five point Palm exploding heart technique....
  15. When I hear story's like this I can't comprehend lol my fiancé's mom is a big Christian who is German born and the nicest lady on the planet. I always thought it was the father in law who's the dick head? I hope your mom gets better I'll pray for her
  16. ajole

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    NE Utah
    I got along better with my ex's mother than I did with the ex. My wife's mom was an old fashioned mean German, even my wife didn't like her. She stayed in Germany, so I never had to deal with her.:p

    Kirk, hope your mom is well.
  17. thundercroozer

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    Prayers and best wishes for your mom Kirk!!

    As for the monster in law,, I must have been on the lucky side of the draw,, with both my mothers in law. After my first wife passed 10 1/2 months after the birth of our son, from an aggressive cancer, at 22 life kinda spiraled out of control.
    My MIL came and literally smacked the $hit outa me, told me life isn't fair,, plans don't always come true,, and more,,that I needed to pull my head outa my a$$,,,that I had a little boy who needed me more than being angry at the world. And came back a week later and did it again.

    Even though she getting up in age, after 38 years, I still make the trip every year, back to Pa. to take her to dinner on her birthday.
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  18. lklawson

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    Wife wouldn't let me. Kept saying, "please don't make it worse."

    I was ready to take the fam and leave right that second.

    Peace favor your sword (mobile)
  19. I feel bad for 'liking' this post but oh well.
  20. lklawson

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    She's just not a nice person. Years ago, when the boy was about 2, he threw a toddler-tantrum. She told my wife that she and her husband were afraid for the child, that he'd end up in jail.


    Several years later, he must have been 6 or 8, he was misbehaving (I wasn't there for that visit) as they were going out to eat at Waffle House. They parked and wife went inside and monter-in-law grabbed the boy and told him he'd better behave "or I'll beat your ass." The she cautioned the child not to tell his mother that she'd just threatened him.

    Frankly, I go on these little trips because I tend to draw her fire. When she's aiming at me, she's not aiming at the kids or my wife.

    I'd rather her direct her vitriol at me than at the kids (I know the damage that can do) or my wife, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.

    Peace favor your sword,