Thompson 1927A-1 Pistol!

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    My father in law foung this badboy staring at him from the Auto Ordnace site:[​IMG] from:
    He's big on getting this along with a violin case.
    I want one too. Whatcha think? 5 lbs. 14.5 oz., 10.5" Barrel, Aluminum Receiver, $1,117.00
    It's too bad the 4595 won't have a magwell ahead of the trigger guard for after market mags and customizations...

  2. I found one here in Richmond KY. I must say I was impressed but when I saw the price tag I was shocked. It was only 875 +/-.
  3. Is the reciever the same size as a standard thompson? If so, you could throw a longer barrel on it, add a stock and you've got a great rifle as well as all the pistol parts.
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    They have a but stock for it and the forward grip. Also a nice violin case.
  5. Do you need a ffl for a Thompson?
  6. I think this would be worth paying the punishment to the feds to SBR it. With the vertical front handgrip you could be Al Capone! (in your imagination)

    Unless you're Neo--then you'll pretend to be Winston Churchill :p
  7. Mine had the butstock on it, and was stick only, but it had the short barrel like that one has. I always considered it a carbine.
  8. omg. I bet that sob is a biotch to handle. those suckers weigh a ton.
  9. They are sturdy, made, that is for sure
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    5 lbs. 14.5 oz or nearly 6 lbs.
    thats not much for a hip shooter.
    My Dan Wesson .44 mag pistol is over 4 lbs with scope.
    My PLR-16 pistol is over 3 lbs unloaded. Closer to 6lb fully loaded with scope and flash hider.
    The weight helps with heavy loads, a .45 can kick hard for some. I see a lot of people will bitch about the 4595 when they come out, due to the kick and weight of the piece.