Those crazy french...

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  1. Uraijit

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    Edit: Withdrawn.
  2. neothespian

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    What I love are the people walking down the street totaly blasee about the whole thing.

    "Oh look Jean, what is that?"
    "Nevermind him dear. It's just another one of those performance artists"
    "Oh. Well. How 2001 of him."

  3. Uraijit

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    He could make a killing in San Francisco.
  4. Ari

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    I saw him about 15 years ago. Only in Paris (Or maybe Newyork) :lol:
  5. The Science Channel had a small segment about that guy and his skate get up a couple months back. Looks like a fun way to bust the ole rear end..LOL
  6. wow i scraped up my knee when i was 10 on a par of roolerblades just imagine what a hand ful of pebbles thrown in front of this guy would do :D :shock: ...................

    ......................i know i know thats an evil though and i am going to heck.
  7. DLC

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    Ah the french. What a people. First they come out with french fries and now this........

    :roll: OK, that was too easy.......I will put myself in the corner now
  8. Kelotravolski

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    Gosh Darn you to Heck! Where you shall be gently placed into a small pond of sparks and pebbles. And there shall be whining and picking of teeth. (Heck just is not as heavy duty as the other place)

    On topic. If I had one of those I would kill myself by running into a wall.