Those in the MO/KS area affected by storms/tornadoes/floods

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  1. The President has declared Disaster #1742, affecting the state of Missouri due to the recent severe storms, tornadoes, and flooding.

    If anyone here has been affected, PM me, email me, or give my cell a call. I'll do my best to get you information on who to contact for assistance, and try to get help your way one way or another (last disaster that happened a month or so ago we initially focused primarily on the Springfield/Greene County area, but ended up covering most of the 44 corridor, as well as the west MO/east KS).

    As of now, it looks like Financial aid will NOT be available from SEMA/FEMA, but food/water/shelter/debris removal services should be provided within a day or two. This is an educated guess as of now based on previous incidents, stay tuned to your local tv/radio/newspaper for detailed information. Also, try contacting your local Red Cross/SEMA office, or the local government EOC (Emergency Operations Center).

    I'll do my best to have the official SITREP posted when I get it.

    Erik Steciak
    AmeriCorps St. Louis Emergency Response Team
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    Please read previous post.

    Yeah, At Fort Riley Kansas the weather has very much so surprised me. SNowing its rear off.

    Glad I got off my rear and did the shopping today.
    Any way I believe my area will be fine, excluding ignorant joes wrecking.

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    yeah your post. LOL

    I was just comenting your postr has the meat and Potatoes. :)