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  1. I was in Police Science class tonight (taught by a BCI Agent) and we had 2 NDHP officers come and speak to our class about what they do in law enforcement. Anyhow, to my observations

    One officer was wearing a nylon band digital wrist watch (Timex) on his left hand (like he was right handed) but he had his Sig 229 holstered on his left side. I know some people don't wear their watch on their non dominant hand; but wouldn't the watch present a possible snag or flexibility issue that an LEO wouldn't want to have to negotiate?

    Second he had the hammer of the Sig in the cocked position with the retention strap over the hammer. I would assume the had the 229 +1 and I was always taught to carry something like that in half-cock.

    Now I'm far from being an expert nor do I even know if the 229 has half cock, I was just wondering what your general insight was. Again, I may be mistaken, it could have been a 220; but it was definately a Sig
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    How analytical your observations are... However i can not offer a response because i thought Sig's 229 was DAO... ?

  3. Yeah, our word filter needs some tweaking... Good observations though. Personally, I thought the Sig was DAO as Strangerous pointed out, but I am sure they have models that aren't... As far as the halfcock position, I have never shot a Sig, so I can't tell you one way or another.
  4. was the officer carrying his firearm in a cross draw position/holster (grips facing out, on the left hip), which would explain why it was on his weak side, you said he appeared to be right handed. As far as the cocked position of his Sig, he might just feel comfortable carrying that way, or another possibility is he might have pulled the hammer back but not racked the slide back chambering a round, which would remove that extra tension when the slide moves the hammer when chambering a round....who knows!!!

    I hope you weren't staring at his pants that whole night... :D :D :D
  5. No, it was not cross draw; and I was not staring at his pants; hard to not focus on the drug dog they brought that was running around crazy lol