Thoughts on 32 SWL?

Discussion in 'Caliber Zone' started by mr_flintstone, Nov 13, 2017.

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    The other day I finally bought a Charter .32 H&R w/2" barrel after wanting one for a few years. I guess I waited a little too long, because there's virtually no ammo out there for the pistol. I picked up a few boxes of Critical Defense, and some Federal hollow points, but apparently there's not much out there for target shooting/practice. It seems there's more variety in .32 SWL, and it's cheaper. Just for the sake of asking, is the .32 SWL a viable SD round. It definitely wouldn't be my first choice, but it's bound to be better than .22/.25/.32 acp. What do you guys think?
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    Do you reload?

    As to the 32 S&W Long. I used one for a lot of years. It's a good trail gun. Accurate. I have never carried one for social work, but if a social encounter happened, I would certainly not feel helpless.

    The 32 H&R Magnum is a definite step up. I want a 327 Federal Magnum. I think it would be the perfect revolver round for social work. It does operate at high pressure though. Loud and a bit snappy.

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    Yeah, I reloaded two twenty round boxes so far. One with 100 gr wadcutters, and the other with 95 gr flat points. Both seemed to be more accurate than the factory loads. I've only shot a few .32 Long so far, but they seem dead on accurate; even from the 2" barrel. I've heard that the 327 FM is nearly as powerful as the .357 mag; plus you can shoot H&R mag, Long, and if you can find them, Short.