Thoughts on the 380 for an older 77 year old Gentleman

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  1. Get him the 380

  2. Forget it get him something else

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  3. Get him the 25 acp he is saving for

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  1. jamephipp

    jamephipp Guest

    My father in Law wants a pistol for home defense he has some trouble with cocking the 45 acp but can , it's a little easier for him to cock the 9 mm but what are the thoughts for a 380 for him.
  2. Mike_AZ

    Mike_AZ U.S.S. Member

    Why not get him a revolver instead? This would also eliminate any limpwristing issues as well.

  3. jamephipp

    jamephipp Guest


    He said he hates revolvers and would rather have a sling shot
  4. Sakdog

    Sakdog Member

    Get him a slingshot then. J/K you definitely want to get him something that he can operate the action on. Just as someone else pointed out.. It may very well be that if he has a hard time actuating the slide he might tend to limp wrist with a hi point.. Which as we all know.. will likely jam the gun, So try to talk him into a nice little .38 revolver or something like that.. Perhaps the .25 is the best way to go for him. You might also have him consider something like a Walther P-22 or other .22 handgun. easy to actuate the slide.. and better than a slingshot.. I dont know anyone who will volunteer to get popped in the face with 10 CCI stingers. As an added feature of the .22 he would be able to stock up on ammo and become proficient with the gun very economically.
  5. jamephipp

    jamephipp Guest

    He did have me laughing he mentioned a 45 Jacked hollow point in a sling shot will hurt like hell lol
  6. pills

    pills Guest

    My wife would limpwrist every other semi auto she tried until her C-9.
  7. I'd go with a .25 or a .32. It may just be me, but I haven't noticed that the slide pull on the .380 was that much easier than the slide pull on the c9.
  8. Try and talk him into a revolver. Why he's against them could be any number of goofy reasons ranging from invalid to silly.

    However for home defense the best thing is probably a shotgun. Perhaps bring up the subject of a 12 ga with low recoil loads or even a 20 ga or .410 pump?
    Far better weapon for home defense.
  9. Maybe another brand of .380 or 9mm semi auto that is not as hard to pull the slide may be a thought.

    My 90 yr old aunt kept a 38 revolver under her pillow and I recently asked her to try to pull the trigger double action and then had her try to pull back the hammer for single action and her hands were not strong enough to do either.

    I removed the pistol to take away the chance of it being used against her.
  10. Ari

    Ari Guest

    He he can't pull the slide that is a problem. If he is to that point does he have any problems with pulling a trigger? My father has a problem even with the trigger. The only pistol he can shoot is like a Ruger MKII as he can get a hold of the slide(the T charging handle) and the trigger is light. Mine could not work the P22 slide. Needless to say he shoots rifle only.
  11. jamephipp

    jamephipp Guest

    No ARI, He can pull the trigger we worked and figured out he can pull the slide back if he uses his leg to brace and snap back the slide on the Stallard 9mm but he said that's too much work he wants a 25 or 380 acp now. I'll get him the 380 more than likely if that doesn't work I'll give him the stallard 9mm he was hitting the can pretty good plinking he's only got his right eye I might also mention.
  12. look into a bersa thunder 380 they have a pretty easy slide and are tack drivers not a whole lot of recoil either. My company issued them as BOG's and i love it.
  13. jamephipp

    jamephipp Guest

    Check it out

    We'll check out the Bersa thing
  14. urotu

    urotu Member

    I vote for the .380, but anyone who remembers me from the old forum should know I seem to be a bit biased, haha.

    I dig the CF380, great little gun, easy to operate, little to no recoil. That would be my choice. I carry my .45, but the .380 might be my favorite overall. It has seen not a single FTE or FTF in the 800-1000 rounds it has seen so far, and my son started shooting it at 11.

    We just got my 80 year old grandfather the Hi-Point .40 for Christmas.
  15. Better a .25ACP that he can operate than a 9mm that his hands are not strong enough to pull the slide.

    I would try some 380 or 9mm autos in different brands and find one that he can easily operate and go with it.

    If nothing else, get a semi auto with a external hammer that he can thumb back, put one in the chamber, safety on and hammer forward.

    Then all he has to do is thumb the hammer back, put it on fire and its ready.

    Not a perfect solution, but a solution that may work.
  16. I would also suggest the Bersa Thunder in .380, I have the 9mm but, know a few people that have the .380 and they love it.

    A word of caution....I believe that they have what they call the CC model (concealed carry) which is smaller than the "Thunder", if I remember correctly, I think there was an issue with the feed ramp (alloy).

    However, the regular Thunder has a steel feed ramp.Go to the Bersa Forum and di a little "homework" before you decide.

    Good luck!
  17. squeak_D

    squeak_D Guest

    It's odd he doesn't want a revolver as that would be the most logical solution to his problem. What's wrong with revolvers? They're very effective, and some can be had for a very reasonable price such as Rossi models. Also he can shoot it single action style as the hammers are quite easy to set.

    I'd suggest the .25 over the .380 though. I have the .380.., nice gun but he'd have a lot less trouble racking the slide back on a .25 than he would the 380. The overall gun in .25 would be smaller, lighter, less recoil, and the recoil spring would be easier to work with racking back the slide compared to the 380. Also if racking the slide back is harder for him and is an issue, I can't help but see the overall weight of the 380 in time becoming an issue as well. Again, it's a great gun, but for a 380 it's a brick compared to most others of the same cal.

  18. Remember, we have to think outside the box on this one. If a different pistol of the same caliber other than a Hi Point will fit the bill, then it may be the best choice.

    Although the Hi Point pistols are great pistols, they just are not the best choice for everyone for different reasons.

    That is why I suggested maybe a 380 or 9mm in a different manf. that is not a blowback design and would have a softer spring and be easier to pull the slide.
  19. Or how about one of these, it would fit the bill as a semi auto, and eliminate the need for racking the slide. I have one and it is reliable, accurate (as accurate as a small pistole like this can be) and it packs more punch than a .25............
  20. HPHooked

    HPHooked Member

    While not a big fan of the .25 Auto, it would seem likely that a Ruger Mk I, II, or III would be a better choice. Light of weight, easy to charge, and, loaded with high velocity rounds, a very accurate weapon. I personally would not want to pick up a chest full of Remington Yellowjacket rounds out of this gun. :wink:

    That being said, if your father-in-law wants a .380, I would do a +1 on taking him to the local gun store and letting him try out the different brands.