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    I've searched the forum and found little regarding what I'm looking for. I want to put a real suppressor on my 995TS. Not a brake, flash hider or shroud. A regular old 9mm can.

    Any issues I should be concerned about? Tornado Technologies list this as one of their services so I know at least one place that will do it. Any other companies out there that do this?

    Will my 147 grain bullets remain subsonic in the 9mm carbine? I don't have a chrono but would expect them to be in the 900-950fps range out of my 4.7" pistol barrel based on the recipe I use for reloading. Will the longer barrel on the 995TS up that enough to go supersonic?

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    you need two simple things:

    1) check your state and local laws to make sure a thread on suppressor is even legal for you.
    2) a gunsmith willing to thread your barrel.

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    There is an increase on FPS between the carbine and a pistol when using the same load and bullet. For instance, there is a very popular powder used for 9mm that when loaded using 4.5grains behind a 147gr bullet in a pistol will yield ~900fps; but that same load if used in the carbine will produce ~1048fps.

    You really should use a chrono for best results, but shy of that; start on the low end of the load data and work upwards. Remember to test any load at 25 yards without the suppressor attached to check for keyhole. If the round is stable then test with the suppressor.

    The best powders I have used for loading 9mm subs are TiteGroup, Unique and Power Pistol. Unique is my preference in the carbine for subs as it gives you 914 on the low end and 1050 on max load.

    If you borrow or buy a copy of Lyman's 49th edition it has load data for 9mm rifle in it.

    I don't know if this is your first suppressor or not, but don't expect Hollywood quiet. ;) The suppressor will make it hearing safe. Every suppressor will give you a first round pop, and then the subsequent rounds will be a shade quieter.

    You should be able to get the barrel threaded by any competent gunsmith, or even a machine shop. Just make sure whoever does it knows how to properly true to center or you may end up with baffle strikes.

    If you haven't filed your Form 4, or Form 1 if you are building your own, you should get that done, it will be 11-15 months for your stamp to come back using the paper filing system.

    Welcome to the world of NFA toys.... :D
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    YouTube is your friend.....


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    Found this graph showing real world examples.

    While not specifically showing the 995TS, it does indicate a 147 Federal Hydra-Shok round coming out of the 92fs (my preferred handgun) at 989 fps. That same ammo out of two 16" carbines were travelling 1049 and 1086 fps. All are under 1125 so that's encouraging. That plus the fact that I think my load is closer to 900 fps out of the 92fs, I should be subsonic out of the 995TS.

    I was hoping someone here had experience with a company that might run a little cheaper than Tornado. I know you get what you pay for.

    I'm already familiar with the ammo I reload out of the Hi-Point. No keyholes so we're good to go. I already have a 9mm can and just wanted to be able to use it on my favorite toy. I realize it only suppresses and doesn't silence. Everything is perfectly legal in my state and I'm on 14 acres but still the neighbors appreciate it.