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  1. who's got one?

    where did you get it done?

    how much did it cost?

    I'm seriously interested in getting my barrel threaded on my 4595TS
    will probably just put a muzzle brake or flash suppressor on it,

    but I'd ultimately like to pick up a suppressor so I can shoot without hearing protection


    btw, the pic is just a random one I found online while looking for suppressed hi-points

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  2. Bull

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    That's actually kick ass looking!

  3. imagine how it'd look on a newer TS carbine !!!
  4. Bull

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    I dunno..... Silenced monkey gun is pretty kewl!
  5. yeah,
    but they didn't make those in 45ACP :p

    corrected in post #11

    Edit again:
    that 4595 classic is a custom
    Hi-Point didn't make it that way
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  6. Bull

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  7. Maybe a dumb question. But I have been wondering this.

    What makes threading a barrel more difficult or require more skill than threading any other pipe?

    I don't have any threaded barrels. So I am ignorant on the subject.

    But why does everyone look for a smith to thread them

  8. most machine shops WONT touch firearms (safety concerns)
    as well as being concerned about any questions in legality

    my main concern would be ensuring that its perfectly lined up
    something like a 12-16" suppressor can't be off by much, as the projectile may contact the inner sleeve
  9. bscar

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    You'll need a gunsmith that's willing to thread barrels to do it, I doubt anyone else will touch such a project
  10. yeah,
    that's what I'm thinking

    I do have access to a nice metal lathe at work
    (but I work at a government installation, and cannot bring firearms (or parts) to work)
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    4595 Camo Classic & 45 JHP Camo?

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  12. hey,
    I'm human

    I make mistakes :p

    I've not seen the old ones in 45 (or even noticed people talking about them

    I've been wanting one of the 4595TS's for a couple years now.
    and the one I got this sunday was the first one I've seen in person at a shop
  13. sorry
    double post
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    Hi Point NEVER made a 4595 Classic.
    I did, I put a 4595TS into a 4095 Camo Classic stock. It's a limited edition, until somebody else copies it? This is my HP 45 collection.

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  15. aha,

    I was right !!!

    pretty cool

    my "custom work" will consist of:
    some sort of optics, and maybe a paracord cheek pad and sling

    maybe some paint
    and if I'm lucky, a suppressor :rolleyes:
  16. ajole

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    NE Utah
    You can buy or rent dies to thread your own muzzle, you'll want a pilot to help keep it aligned with the bore.

    Lots of people have threaded lots of barrels with no issues.

    Of course, many have also FUBARed barrels too.;)
  17. Bull

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    At which point, you call it very steeply angled, custom fluting......
  18. The problem is that Hi Point barrels aren't always perfectly centered on the bore, one side of the barrel wall can often be thicker than the other, I know mine is. I believe the proper procedure is to turn the end of the barrel to an even thickness centered on the bore then thread the barrel.

    You can buy bore aligners that allow you to start a die but I'm afraid without turning the barrel down to an even thickness it'll throw the die out of alignment and screw up the barrel.

    Either that or just go with a longer barrel shroud. Should be plenty of clearance for the round coming out of the barrel. But I don't claim to be an expert so don't take my word on it. Better to check with a legitimate gunsmith, not internet experts.
  19. If you have a lathe that you can chuck the barrel in than I would do it yourself. You really can't mess it up for a muzzle break but it has to be a lot closer to prefect for a silencer.

    CNC warrior has the dies you will need along with the alinement tools. Remember a silencer doesn't aline off the threads you'll need to cut a flat edge on the lathe just behind the threads for the silencer to aline off of.
  20. WHAT!?!?!?

    Its an art project, you are making abstract art with black pipes.

    No fire arm parts.

    And since when did they start throwing no "Parts" aloud too.

    Sheesh, I fixed my 30-30 bolt at work. no one batted an eye, it was a machine part, not a gun. But i don't work for the government