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  1. bigdawg

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    Has anyone here threaded their hp carbine or pistol for a suppressor? I'm thinking of doing this for a home defense weapon. I value my families hearing as much as their lives.
  2. FirearmFanatic

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    Welcome to the forum! When it comes to lives, everything else takes a back seat. You are over thinking this. I would rather be deaf and alive than dead and still deaf. So would my family. :rolleyes:

  3. cicpup

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    Stick with .380. It's a rather quiet round indoors. Never even woke my family when mine went off.
  4. bigdawg

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    How am I overthinking this. I care about life and hearing. So anyone with a suppressor is going to end up dead and deaf? That makes absolutely no sense at all. :confused:
  5. Rachgier

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    You would need a comp model pistol to safely thread a barrel, if I'm not mistaken. Threading a carbine is as simple as waiting for FlashBang to chime in.
  6. FirearmFanatic

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    Makes perfect sense. I would rather be completely deaf ( and so would members of my family ) than dead! I worry about surviving first, every thing else takes a back seat. Worry about surviving the encounter and not about the "resulting" after effects. That is, if you succeed in surviving!
  7. Bamaboy

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    Nope but I'd sure like to see one !
    The tax stamp cost almost more than the carbine.
    Now if you threaded it for say an trap cleaning kit .
  8. ArmyScout

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    You have to make sure you are doing the threading correctly. May be wise to have a gun smith do it. A face full of monkey gun is not worth it.
  9. SWAGA

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    Welcome to the forum!
    Just how much of an extended fire fight do you expect?
    Most self defense shootings are 3 shots or less within 6 feet.

    You'll probably be shouting, yelling or screaming.
    Open mouth opens the Eustachian tunes and equalizes pressure. This won't help long term but it will prevent an eardrum rupture.
    People that shoot gun on a regular basis without hearing protection go deaf.
    Your ears may ring if you fire a .357 in a closet but that should clear up in a day or two.

    You can also keep a set of electronic earmuffs next to your gun.
    It will also amplify ambient sounds so you may even hear an intruder better.
    I've heard of people putting on ballistic vests and everything before they clear their house.
    Keep in mind it's nog legal in every state to go 'looking for trouble'.
    In some states the law is such that trouble needs to 'find YOU' before you can use legal force.


    How would a prosecuting attorney look at a home owner that used a silenced weapon?
    If I have two bad guys in my house I'd rather have the second one run after I'm forced to shoot the first one then to have to shoot both of them.
    I know a silencer doesn't make it whisper quiet but I think electronic ear muffs would 'sell' better to a jury then a 'silencer'

    Like I said, afterthought , don't try to hang me on it.
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  10. My defense attorney would say I was prepping to kill rats in the basement and didn't want to wake up sweetie in the process. Instead, I ended up shooting a different species of rat.
  11. MaryB

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    2 scumbags broke in my house and are a threat. I am fully within my rights to shoot them both.
  12. missiledefender

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    Yes SIIIR, Compensated Model with it removed,....

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  13. SWAGA

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  14. missiledefender

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    Ungh, I'd check with an actual lawyer and make sure before you go all Dirty Harry on someone.
  15. MaryB

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  16. undeRGRound

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    She's right, in most states...
    We had a guy shoot someone on his front porch,
    no charges were ever filed. Shot'em DEAD! :eek:
    Ruled Self Defense.
  17. thundercroozer

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    And the first words to a Police Officer,, Detective,, ADA,, or DA,, should be,, I Was Afraid For My Life,, or I Was Afraid For My Life,, and My Family's Lives..
  18. ratchowmein

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    Lol, this can be taken so many ways .....:rolleyes:
  19. undeRGRound

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    +1 Ratty :D
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    Nevada is a stand your ground state. Property is defendable by deadly force. Yeehaw Wild West!