Thrift store offers discount to gun carry permit holders

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  1. "Posted on News2 out of Nashville: Aug 13, 2014 10:09 AM CDT
    By Lori Mitchell, Reporter -

    SPRINGFIELD, Tenn. - The Non Stop Thrift Shop in Springfield, Tennessee, offers a 15 percent discount to customers with a valid gun carry permit.

    The store, located on Highway 41 South, says the discount is a way to thank customers who defend America's First and Second Amendments.

    A sign on the door reads, “Conceal and carry permit owners receive 15% off your purchase every day! Thank you for defending the 1st and 2nd Amendment.”

    An employee told News 2 the store began offering the promotion over a year ago and that a large percentage of customers take advantage of the discount"

    First time I seen something like this, NICE!
  2. I'm sure some Libtard will have something to say negative about it, but its glad to see that some businesses promote CC! Something tells me they risk little threat of someone robbing the place as well haha.

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    That's one way to keep people from robbing you...