Tight-fitting, water-resistant, reasonably warm gloves?

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  1. JMcDonald

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    I am looking for some small, tight-fitting gloves to keep in the BOB. Looking for something that I could throw on in a case where maybe it was wet / rainy outside and like 40-50 degrees, just enough to keep my fingers working so I could still use them (without them being completely numb). They have to be tight-fitting so that they don't hinder any hand uses, and especially gun operation.

    Any ideas?

    BTW, if it were any colder than that Id use some of the more winterish gloves we have. I am just talking if it like a tornado comes during the spring / early summer, and we end up outside in 50-degree rainy weather.
  2. Jackpine Savage

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    Well I've used the old green wool military glove liners hunting for years. They're not wind proof but for damp cool times they can't be beat. If you put the leather glove they go with in your BOB you've got the setup to about zero degrees if your active, and twenty if your sedintary.

    Otherwise try a cheap leather work glove, or the yellow chore gloves that are available at any farm supply store. They are cotton but block the wind better than the wool, and come in twelve packs for about eight or nine bucks.

    Take Care and Stay Safe.

  3. JMcDonald

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    You mean something like these?

    Also, what about maybe some neoprene gloves? Ive heard those work well for warmth without inhibiting hand use.

    Still, I probably won't be getting anything I can't find at a local store, so will probably stick to the leather work gloves (I looked at those and almost left the store with them, but ultimately decided to stay, as it would have only been like 5 bucks two two pair). Last time I bought gloves on ebay they were supposed to be medium and they were like twice as big as I expected.
  4. reluctanthawk

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    If you can find neoprene gloves around where you live that would fit the bill. I have a pair that is for ice fishing. Try a local diving shop. 8) They grip really well too.
  5. JMcDonald

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    Also, as ghetto as it sounds, I also wonder about getting some of those regular cotton glove liners (real stretchy kind), and putting them inside some of those disposable nitrile gloves. This would give me great water and wind protection (duh) as long as none got inside the glove, and would still keep my hands relatively warm from the cotton gloves. It would basically be like those gardening gloves that are some type of fabric dipped in rubber to make them leak-proof (just that on those, the back isn't rubberized, or Id just use those).

    I got the idea from a raincoat I have. It is just a thin jacked of vinyl (vynil?) lined in fleece, but because it doesn't transmit air or moisture except through the openings it is suprisingly warm for its size.

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    For cold weather i have a set of hunting mittes from Wall mart they are plit sp the fingers fold back and held back with a velcro tab for shooting then put them back in place to keep hands warm I also have several jersy gloves It's not water proof but they are warm and comforable
  7. Whiskey

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    +1 on the neoprene gloves. Just don't get 'em too close too a fire when warming your hands as they burn easily. 8) :)
  8. 69burbon

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    The best gloves I've had that fight tight and will keep your hands warm in the 40 to 50 range are the surplus Air Force Nomex flight gloves. I have several pairs that I have just about worn out. They make great liners in colder weather too.
  9. boyjoe

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    when i worked in the glass industry i used those blue rubber grip gloves from home depot every day to hold glass and protect from cuts (went through 2 pair a month) when it was cold i just put on a pair of rag wool gloves from the grocery store on under them they worked great, very warm, tight fit, very little loss of dexterity, and good water resistance. I have had neoprene gloves they are warm and tight fitting well but don't breath at all! so after 10 min they where full of sweat and after 30 min my hands where so pruney they hurt.