Time Between Purchases??

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  1. How long should I wait between obtaining firearms? I've heard that it looks suspicious if I purchase too many within a certain time. I just got my M44 afew weeks ago, so does that mean I can't grab this sks next week?
  2. So long as yer legal and have nothing to hide why worry.

  3. naa, you're fine, Especially this time of year. If you had bought 18 guns this week then I MIGHT think about it, but you're fine man.
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    I average 2 a month my max was 4 in one month. seems like the more I buy the more 'Free' gun magazines show up at my house.
  5. Cool, thanks guys. I've come to realize more and more that the people I know, who think they know about guns, don't know sh#t lol I've been very misinformed about things up until I joined this forum. I can't thank you guys enough for the info you provide me with on a daily basis.
  6. Sure you can, as you learn stick around to pass it on to the newer members. It's how alot of us got started. No one knows everything. Pick up some gun mags and read. My Throne Of Knowledge (aka the crapper) is where I learn cool stuff everyday, like today, Beretta expanded their PX4 & CX4 line to include an RX4 Storm (.223). Point is you never stop learning till the day you die, even then you might learn "...that was a bad idea". Never be affraid to chime in, even if it's something you "think" you know, if you're wrong someone here will correct you, you'll learn that when Moogle returns.

  7. i end up buying 1-2 per month and haven't ever had any questions asked about it.
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  9. I like that rifle, although not a big fan of .223, but's a cool looking design. But enough of a sidetrack. Yes, buy as many guns as you can. Don't worry about the ATF, they are there to make sure you are stock piling them for the wrong reason. Even if you would get a visit, they will ask you some questions, ask to see the weapons to make sure you're not reselling to the street illegally, and then wish you a good day.
  10. Cool, good to know. I mean, I've got a clean record, and I keep it that way because I'm looking to get into LE so I'm not worried now that I know I can buy as many as I want. Thanks guys.
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    :evil: you LE guys get all the fun toys *pout* As for the Rx4, the front half looks great, the stock is horrible. if it extended horizontally rather than at that angle it would be a beautiful piece.
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    Longest time was about 3 months, shortest was a little less than 24 hours...
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    I think the issue here is with handguns. If you buy more than one handgun at a time there is a form that is filled out and sent to the BATFE. Long guns are unaffected unless you buy 100 at a time IIRC.

  14. OoOoOoh, got it. Thanks.
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    So, I just need to buy 50 at a time and soon I'll have my army of fembots fully equipped to take over the world!!!!!!

    Seriously, I myself have nothing to worry about considering I'm lucky if I'm able to afford a new weapon once every 3 months :cry:
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    If you buy two or more pistols within a five day period it gets reported to the ATF. Personally I would like to avoid that but I imagine that they already have ways to get your records anyway.
  17. You act like having the BATF notified means you'll get raided. The BATF, as troublesome as they are at times, are there for a reason and whether we like it or not they do serve a purpose to enforce the laws that PREVENT the baddies from getting a cache of weapons. If the BATF is notified and you are doing no wrong, then you have nothing to worry about, I doubt you'll ever hear from them. They are watching for trends in areas that could spell the next waco. As long as your legit and on the up & up you'll be fine. Acting like your afraid of the BATF in a gun store or at the range is a sure way of getting into the middle of an investigation, because then it seems you have something to hide or be afraid of losing.
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    Not the gun stores I go to. There is this one guy who has one eye bigger than the other and he called me a communist when I bought an SKS. lol. I have no fear of being raided by the ATF. I just feel uncomfortable of them keeping a list of the guns I have. What about when President Hillary or the Supreme court kills the 2nd amendment? I sure do not want to be on any sort of ATF list then. Because when it happens just owning a gun will be a crime and they will not need anything else to throw you away for life.
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    that is classic