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    I have always tried to see things from the Officers side or at least give them the benefit of the doubt because of My 6 years as a Sheriffs Deputy after getting out of the Service. However, I can no longer defend the actions of many Agencies of late. There is simply to many People being shot, assaulted & verbally abused by Police with no consequence other than a paid leave while the Officers Union makes all kinds of ridiculous excuses for the actions. I am tired of hearing about how Police must be given some room or they will be afraid to do their job. If a Officer cannot do His/Her Job without breaking laws that a Citizen would go to Jail over than that Officer should NOT be on the Tax Payers Dime. In fact that Officer should go to Jail like anyone else would. I understand there are good Officers on the Street. But until Police are held accountable than Public trust will continue to drop.
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    Why would you want to? Just judge each incident individually. If it's wrong, it's wrong. If it's right, it's right.

    Seems simple enough.

    Peace favor your sword,
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    The problem is, who decides if a Police Officer's actions are right or wrong. The Police agency decides. It's like the Justice Dept doing the investigation of "Fast and Furious".
  5. I think a lot of people have been shocked by the actions in the last 13 years following 9-11. But that event gave them a launching point and fear campaign to bring this about. It is a problem caused by both political sides that pedal fear to excuse a police state.

    I agree most officers are not criminals, but good officers must stand and take the appropriate action, they cannot bury their head in the sand. Once they stand up the police state will fall like a house of cards.
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    The problem, and I look at it from dealing with the general public all day every day, plus owning my own business. People dont know how to react in a respectful manner ( diferent from being respectful)

    I have seen people when told no, start destroying things and threatening violence, no in cop world, I bet the level of this behavior from the general public is elevated.

    I will be honest, I have no love for the police, and that is based on personel experiences, but I respect why we need them.

    I dont condone what bad cops do, I give no excuses for being burned out or pushed too far, I believe the suck it up buttercup you signed up for the job.

    I just dont believe it is fully their fault, I think the behavior of the general public is a large contributor to what is going on
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    NE Utah
    Only if they lived in Mayberry, or were totally ignorant of the past 100 years of history.

    This is very true. Unlike a lot of the BS that has been posted here regarding cops, THIS one I agree with.

    What state do you live in? There is no police state where I live.
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    New York sure is a police state. Good pockets here and there, but NYC for sure, lots of places it's a police state. Look at the laws. Certain laws brand you as a felon for possessing a gun, so then they take away your guns because you had a gun! No chance for redemption, no chance for sanity.

    This brought to you by the state out to ban salt, trans fats, Big Gulps, the Constitution, etc.
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    Subbing for the fireworks :D

    Big MF KP, since you are/were a deputy sheriff, you are aware that the county Sheriff's Office is the only constitutionally mandated police force in the nation. What other police forces do you know of that take the constitutional oath? I am a member of the CSPOA.org website, and I think it is a great organization!
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    Liberty move to the Midwest were still free here. The LEO work for the people here. If you don't like them ya fire them here.
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    He's not in NY, but in WV

    He's just aware of NY :D
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    I did three years in Kansas - 1976-1979. Kansas has some of the most beautiful weather IN THE WORLD. Problem is, you don't know which three days a year.

    I lived there through the winter of '77 when it got down to 30 below.

    Don't worry - I'm doing my part to rid our city of corruption. I've scored one major victory and I'll fill you all in once all the lawsuits are done.

    And you couldn't PAY me to live in New York.
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    Kansas is nice in the winter. Come up to ND and you will feel winter at its finest. Its right after mosquito season and road construction season and lasts about 6 months on a bad year :)