Time services (what auto sets your phone, cable, computers) time has shifted 4 minutes.

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Stromm, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. Hmm, I think the Time Services got adjusted by about four minutes.

    I have six manually set clocks that are all within ten seconds of each other. They were reset Sunday, based on the time on my cable box.

    Now the cable box is slow by four minutes. And since my phone, my iPad and my wife's phone and all my computers match it, Time Services had to have been adjusted.

    It's just not possible that the microwave, stove, grandfather clock, dad's old hand built digital clock, my LED alarm clock from 1978 and a weather station all jumped ahead four minutes.
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    Bad trip
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    I noticed that too actually. I was resetting stove and microwave clock and noticed cable and phone were suddenly 4 minutes fast.
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    Didn't happen at my house.
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    NE Utah
    You are so close to the atomic clock, you were left behind in the time phase shift. Or ahead...it’s all relative, after all.
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    I've got an alarm clock that's synced to the atomic clock; our mobile phones have always been a few minutes off. Maybe now they'll be aligned. Maybe they'll be worse. Guess I'll find out when I get home today.
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    As daylight savings time switch just happened(for some locations, I understand that not everyplace accepts this) perhaps they decided to save a little more in your area? Instead of an hour, 64 minutes? :D

    I'd love to see "dad's old hand built digital clock", I bet it looks pretty cool. From a design aspect at the very least. Care to share a pic?:)
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  11. All my manually set clocks were off by four minutes.

    All the autoset (computer, cablebox, cell phone, etc.) match time.gov.

    I'm not sure when the four minute shift happened, but it was after Sunday at 11am when I adjusted the manual clocks and Monday when my wife asked me why I set them incorrectly.
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    Some one pushed the wrong button?? :rolleyes:
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    Monday when my wife asked me why I set them incorrectly.

    It figures! :D
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    NE Utah
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    Or at a different altitude, perhaps closer to a black hole????
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    Manual clocks... many use the 60cycle powerline frequency as the time reference... if your power plant was having a hiccup you can see +- 2 cycles per second off and over time it will throw a clock off.

    The clock in my shortwave radio by the bed is that way...