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    Well, I'm FINALLY getting things settled, and starting in 2 weeks I just might have *gasp* spending money!!

    So, while I want to save for my new TV, I've been looking at the collection, which isn't massive mind you, but decent. It's comprised of:

    -A C9 pistol
    -995 Carbine
    -Mosin Nagant M44
    -Yugo SKS with folding ATI stock

    A decent cross section to be sure, and one I'm happy with. With me, until I get a fleshed out application of devices I don't see the purpose of getting, say, two 9mm pistols when I lack a component to diversify my collection. The sport of shooting is better enjoyed by diversity. I'm planning on picking up a Mosin Nagant revolver now that I know I can get an alternate load that isn't nearly as spendy that fires with relative safety, so the vintage revolver is on the list. But, I noticed something that I have yet to add:

    A shotgun!

    So, I went looking around. The Mossbergs are nice, but the elusive Maverick 88's that everyone seems to find for less than $200 around the US just don't exist here in Phoenix. My beloved experience with a Winchester 1300 before I had to sell it is still fresh in my mind, but those are creeping up in price...of course...

    But, while at Big5 Sports buying boots, I looked at the Charles Daly 12 gauge, and was actually quite pleased with it's fit! The build seems solid, and the ergonomics fit great for me. But, I have found little in review of the 18.5" 12 gauge pump. I am pretty sure that what I found of the aftermarket is pretty true: It doesn't exist. But that's ok. I want a stock black 18.5" and this fits the bill nicely, as does the price at $199, which is cheap by Phoenix prices.

    But it is Turkish, which has been gaining in industrial might in some areas, but I'm just not sure with firearms. I am also unsure of round capacity since info on the net is vauge about it. The poly stock is VERY light, and I'm pretty sure it kicks well on hard, but that might be doable.

    Any info or personal experience?
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    If I am not mistaken, the Beretta "Cougar" is made there. Either thiers, or a close knock off...

  3. Strangerous

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    No mavericks on sale in AZ? mmmm... Got a LGS that would order one for you?
  4. note.. this is ati stock only...
  5. Neo you just cant go wrong with a Mossberg 500. They are relatively cheap, 200 or so new, and will last forever.

    And there are lots of aftermarket goodies to put on them.

    I am in the middle of pimping mine out and will be posting pics of it before too long.
  6. Ari

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    I do have to say that I have not seen anything come out of CD that I don't like. 8)
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    I'm currently bereft in the shotgun department as well. My bro has a wide selection though, and my first choice when I get another shotgun would likely be a Mossberg. There are some things that hit it on a novelty factor though. There are lever action shotguns, and coach guns that have caught my eye.
    The problem is they are from IAC though, which is an importer that deals with the PRC. Even though I like some of the guns they make, I'm not too sure I want to send them money.
  8. Strangerous

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    Mavericks are made by Mossberg, and the only difference in the two is the safety location and forend construction... The maverick's forend made of 1 piece of material besides the action arms... the Mossberg 500's forend is made up of a slide action tube, forend grip, locking nuts... The Maverick's forend is less wobbly, In case you were wondering. So the whole Mossberg/Maverick thing is a joke, unless you wanted the tactical pistol grip forend to go on it... then it's only a matter of action tube, lock nuts, and the PG forend. It's all up to you my man. Mossberg is Maverick, Mavericks are Mossbergs. /end story. :lol:
  9. neothespian

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    Yes, I KNOW that there are people who can actually go into a gun shop in certain cities and buy them for cheap.

    But not in Phoenix.

    The average Mossberg 500 I saw was about $260 to $300 if you could find one. Most wal marts here no longer sell firearms, and a new Maverick 88 starts at $250 and go up from there. They're out here, but they run about 30% more and up, and I'm not about to get price gouged just because they can.

    The goal is for a durable, basic defence gun. This won't be pimped out (that's what the SKS is for :twisted: ) and will be a "Utility" gun. I'm just not keen on paying premiums for a brand name in a city known for it's price gouging on guns. And, if I buy out of state, the FFL fees negate any savings.

    Besides, if I had $300 to $350 total, I'd go and get a Winchester 1300 Riot without even asking for opinions!
  10. MalcolmStone

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  11. Yeah, the Mossy is a good gun. And as you mentioned there are a lot of other good utility type guns available. Too bad Phoenix gouges you so bad though. What's it cost on average to ship a long gun? I found 500's at the gun show this weekend for $150 asking price. Granted they were the longer barreled versions with ventilated ribs but for $100 savings a guy can remove and modify. Lately the normal 500's have gone to the $300 mark as well, used!

    The Winchester riot gun looks similar to the Ranger series with a shorter barrel. Fine guns IMO. But again if Phoenix is a gouging city what difference does it make. Too bad you couldn't figure out a way to wait until a forum member makes a trip your way. They could likely pick up a shotty for you and then meet up somewhere to resell.

    Besides the Charles Daly 12 gage have you considered a H&R or something similar? All kinds of a good inexpensive guns out there and half the fun is finding one. Good luck! :)
  12. AndrewST

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    I would go this route Neo, spent just a couple extra dollars and get the mav. When I was hunting for a shotgun I came across very little information about the Daily. It wasn't bad information and from what I read they are an alright firearm, but with a decent FFL you have a mav for what? $30 more?

    Than again, if the Daily is there and cheap and fits you, give it a shot. I think every firearm deserves a fair chance to prove itself...just look at our beloved HP!
  13. Thayldt21

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    When I got my Mossy And looked for extras I believe that anything that fits the mossy also Fit the Mav.

    I think you will not be sad at all if you purchase a Mossy or Mav. Infact the mav you can save a few Bones and get The same thing
  14. uncle jerky

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    Seriously look at the New England Firearms/H&R Pardner Protector model, 12 gauge,pump,home defense shotgun. It is,IMHO,a much better overall shotgun than the Mossbergs.(I've owned both). 18-1/2" matte black barrell, gold bead front sight, matte black heavy steel receiver,6 shot w/magnums capacity,swivel studs, receiver is drilled and tapped for optics, factory recoil pad that WORKS, made by Norinco for Marlin.This gun takes all aftermarket "stuff" that fit the Remington 870 and was tested to out perform the Remmy. I paid $179 NIB at Academy Sports and Outdoors. I bet there is an Academy somewhere in Arizona :)
  15. SOLOFX

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    Mossberg Newheaven pistol grip 12 gauge is awesome my father has one and never had an issue with it I would get one of these I have seen a few in Phoenix.
  16. Whatever you get, even the Turkish shotty, a good pump 12 gauge is the best home defense weapon there is IMO Not too many bad guys can take a #00 buck Magnum at HD range and stay standing.

    When I got my latest Mossberg, I looked at a Charles Daly 12 gauge semi auto and at the time it was only like 20 bucks more than the Mossberg pump.

    I thought long and hard before going with the Mossberg, if I had known more about the Charles Daly brand in general I may have gone in that direction.

    I honestly do not care what the brand is as long as it works when I need it to.
  17. Strangerous

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    The forend and the safety are the only things different besides the name on the reciever. ;) (Did you see my post above?) :lol: !
  18. Thayldt21

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    Well, sorry there Didnt know I was required to read all post, before giving an idea or experiance. And please dont worry it will happen many many more times in the near future. :p :)
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    I have a Charles Daly Field Tactical 12ga. with an 18.5 inch barrel. Very nice gun (can't believe I scratched it!) that is a surprisingly able squirrel gun. The only down side is that there are virtually no aftermarket bolt-ons for it.