Time to "Voicot" some vodka....

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  1. Why... look at their new add campaign:


    Just some more ammo for the NAU conspirasist.
  2. That's the last drop of Absolut I ever ****ing drink.

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    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

    Is that real? What a crock!
  4. That is exactly why i drink whiskey.
  5. Jim Beam will NEVER do that
  6. That's gay! I work for an alcohol distributor and we don't carry Absolut anymore. Glad we don't. Gray Goose, Baby!!!
  7. +1,000,000

    made in KY and good to the last sip
  8. Good point. 90% of the alcohol that passes my lips comes from Kentucky anyway :)

    Better point, I've got a bottle of Black in the kitchen that hasn't even been wounded yet. I must be slipping!
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    Im a UV man myself. I have no clue who makes it but its GOOOOD. Absolute is generall known as a sissy drink around these parts. If you want a fruity drink go get an OJ.

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  12. Jack just woke up and peeked around the corner of my desk.Had a glass with him,no ice.

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  14. I drink Tavarski Vodka.
  15. Though I find it disgusting and screwed up, we do have to admit that at one time all of that land was theirs. Its stupid however for them to believe that it was 'stolen' from them.
  16. Men have been taking land from each other, ever since they developed enough to realize that the other guys land had better hunting or whatever, many thousands of years ago.

    To the winner, the spoils of war, to the looser, the chance to lick their wounds and cry about their loss.

    I reckon it will still be happening somewhere in the world for years to come. We are what we are.
  17. 2nd Spanish/American War.......it's comin'.........crap like this is not far fetched with the current apathy in this country. I seriously think many people in this country would be happy to give it up if they could keep their cable TV, Internet and happy pills. They aren't "here" half the time anyways......
  18. We could offer them California back as a consolation prize hehehehe

    (After relocating all of the gun owners to better places of course)
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    tell em to leave their guns and buy real ones apon crossing the new border