Time Warner- Anyone else have trouble with them?

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  1. So we just moved to North Carolina and we are trying to get all of our utilities turned on and it's been interesting to say the least. Got the power and water turned on with little problem, just had to wait forever on hold. Then came Time Warner for a bundle of cable, internet, and phone. They were offering a decent promotion so I thought what the heck I would try it out. So I call them up and talk to someone. He's very nice at first, but once his computer spits back that, according my address, services aren't available in my location and I'm guessing he assumed any commession/kickback that he gets per sale was down the drain and thus so should his friendly attitude. At this point it's like talking to a totally different person. I felt like I was being a nuicence by telling him that just 5 minutes ago their website said all services were available. Well he says maybe it's my cellphone number (from new mexico) that I gave him throwing it off and keeps insisting I give him a local number, any number, doesn't matter whos and refuses to understand that I have no local number, doen't know anyones number, and can't even make one up like he recommended. So that ended that when he told me that unless I can provide a local number he can't help me and I tell him that's why I'm calling, to get a local number then I hang up.

    So THEN I get online to process everything online which I have done before and it's easy. Well it turns out you chose your plan and give them your info online and the rest you must call to complete on the phone. Irritating, but atleast solves the original problem. Well once on the phone I'm talking to a friendly lady, but she is as slow was molasses in winter time. Then tells me that they are updating their system and will call me sometime during their buisness hours, probably in the next 24 hours. So now I sit and wait to be called back, and having a feeling that I'm getting jerked around and really not happy about it in the least bit.
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    bummer man, I got a similar problem from SBC when I moved the last time. It can be trying at times lol.

  3. Time Warner’s customer service has been a problem for a long time, so you are not alone in that one bud. Hope they can get their crap together on their end and get you set up.
  4. I just don't understand how they are planning collecting $150+ from me each month and still think they can treat their customers like crap. Really gets to me.
  5. They don't have a lot of strong compitition which I think is the biggest problem. A lot of people don't want to deal with Satalite, and there aren't a lot of actual cable competitors. We have this new service in our area called AT&T Uverse. I've got that right now. It's OK, but there are a LOT of bugs in the system, enough to the point where I actually miss my Time Warner service.
  6. I may go back to Dish network as they are the only ones I've actually enjoyed having. Direct TV was total crap and I still have a heavy grudge for having to pay early termination fees after I canceled my service after over 6 months of them screwing my bill up and charging me WAY to much and having to spend hours on the phone every month. I don't know, maybe it's just me, I just don't like paying a company alot of money then feeling like a pest when I need to talk to someone, EVEN WHEN TRYING TO ORDER SERVICE. Ugh, just fed up I suppose. I miss the days of people being grateful for you choosing them.
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    Yea Time-Warner was a pain for a long time. Service calls take 2wks and they give you a window from 8am-8pm. that was until our new neighbor turned out to be a district manager at Time-Warner. 1 quick call to his office number (no wait) and he'll either bring parts on his way home, or sched an 'Emergency' service call.

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    You think it's TW being such a jerk try Charter Cable they're just as bad. gone are the days when you got friendly service from a local company all these big comglomerates all have a single set mind screw up all the customers we can and get all the money from then we can get[before they drop us]
  9. I have Qwest local/long distance/DSL internet/DirectTV package and I have to say they are great. Sorry you're having such a tough time Taurus, maybe you should MOVE BACK TO ALAMOGORDO!!!!! :wink:
  10. Yea, or maybe I'll cut my eyes out with a rusty spoon instead.
  11. It wasn't THAT bad, was it? :wink: :D :shock: :wink:
  12. Except for having the second best range I've ever been to, it blowed. Sure it had good people, good times, good fun, and of course good memories, but alamogordo suuuucked a certain donkey appendage.
  13. you guys think your cable company is bad try Comcast I used to be a contractor for them and they waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy overcharge people for service and then to turn on service they screw you with a high connect fee even for people that are already customers and move to reconnect service they want reconnect fee plus like 2 months payment. I can tell you I got some dirty looks from people all the time. Oh and Taurus go back to Dish Network they are great give them my name and you can get connected for free
  14. And that's what you get when you have a monopoly in an area. Put all of them in competition with one another...Comcast, Time Warner, Qwest, etc. and see what you get... better service, I'd imagine.
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    Comcast has been good to me, no problems in over 10 years of service.
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    I've had my share of Time Warner hatred. Unfortunately they are the only option for me- out in the semi-boondocks.
  17. I didn't like Time-Warner because of poor customer service and frequent outages in the area where I lived at the time.

    I liked Comcast okay, but can't get them where I am now.

    MediaCom (what I have now because its my only option) is okay, but they don't off as much On-Demand programming as Comcast does.
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    TW sucked when I was trying to set it up over the phone. After I got off the phone, and thought I was done, I get a call back to tell me I'm going to get a call to confirm the account #. When I get the confirmation call, it prompt me to enter my account # so I start, and then I get a dial tone.
    Friggin retarded.
    The installer was great though, full on Larry the Cable Guy.
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    Just wait till you have summers with *gulp* HUMIDITY! Air that you can wear sucks the sweaty rocky mountain oysters... :D

    Where you from originally Taurus?