First framed by founding father James Madison back in 1789, the fundamental rights protected under the Second Amendment of the Constitution to keep and bear arms have been under attack for centuries and withstood the test of time with both wins and losses for those who defend gun rights. With the current administration's efforts to paint certain classes of firearms as being, "not family heritage or family tradition," while advocating a ban in the same breath, it appears that the war is still very active.

One of the largest, most politically significant and most historic gun rights group is the National Rifle Association and we've put together the following infographic that describes the history of that fight.

Head Font Rectangle Circle Emblem

Font Collar Publication Paper History

Organism Font Circle Brand Graphics

Product Organism Font Circle Brand

Product Font Parallel Paper Paper product

Organ Collar Font Signature Comb over

Product Font Red Material property Signage

Product Signature Font Collar Smile

Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Font Gun accessory

Product Font Line Map Suit

Product Font Circle Auto part Automotive wheel system

Font Circle Parallel Logo History

Product Font Musical instrument Circle Poster

Tie Font Collar Suit Publication

Product Revolver Air gun Trigger Map

Product Writing implement Font Office supplies Material property

Font Happy Advertising Magenta Circle

Black Organism Font Electric blue Sleeve

Font Electric blue Darkness Event Circle

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