Tip of the day: Don't shoot when it's 30mph+ winds and 30F

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    Well, both me and the girl finally got a day off at the same time and decided to get a good early start and fire off her new M44 and FINALLY get a few rounds off on the newly repaired .40 HP.

    But, at about midnight, she calls me up. It seems one of the campus resturants ended up having NO employees on shift past midnight and they usually stay open till 3am. So, I got pressed (not willingly) into service slinging pizzas till 3:30 in the morning! Her overboss agreed to pay my hours as her overtime, and since the entire shift for her was overtime it was 8 hours plus another 4 of OT...and at $22 an hr that helps.

    So, we both got up later than we wanted and made our way out to a new shooting area since our usual one was closed. This time we ended up going to a small town East of Flagstaff AZ called Wyonona. It's a VERY small village about 20 miles outside of Flag just south of the old Route 66 network who's biggest industry is aggregate mining. This means that there is quite a few lavarock pits used for cinder mining and are great for shooting.

    We finally found a spot about a mile and a half off I-40 just outside of Wynona in one of the old pits. Required a locking of the Hubs on the Tracker but we were able to drive in no problem with the 4WD. But, when we got out of the car, I nearly got knocked over by the wind!! It was GUSTING and freezing at about 30 degrees and dry. It, in a word, sucked.

    But, we were determined to get a few rounds off on Mary-Ann's new gun. So, after I set up the targets and then set them up a few more times when the wind knocked them down, she loaded up her gun and had me take the first few shots. I guess if it blows up, I tend to bounce a bit easier than she does.

    Well, aside from a bit of sticky bolt syndrome that can easily be fixed by a good polishing and buffing, it was a nice, tight and clean fire! Easy to shoot with a gloved hand, she really does have what has to be one of the best examples of a Mosin-Nagant that I have seen in a while.

    Then I took some time with the c9 to warm up. It was so cold and the wind was as such that I couldn't hit JACK for the target :cry: Granted I'm not the best shot, but the weather was just not in my favour. So, I decided to try my luck with the .40. The first magazine was a pain, with the gun jamming every other round. Confused, I reloaded and then shifted my grip high on the gun. THIS did the trick, cycling through every round aside from the last one (But I think fatigue under semi rapid fire was the cause). If it were warmer I'm sure I would've had all 10 rounds on the second attempt! It fired clean with WWB loads, and felt very sure footed. Kick was very mild for a .40, and dare I say nearly identical to the 9mm.

    We fired another 30 rounds on the Mosin, and another 20 on the C9 before we determined that it was just too damned cold! We packed up and made it for an early day since I had a cast party to attend later this afternoon.

    We intend to do a far better and more detailed shooting trip complete with video once it warms up a bit more and there aren't gusting winds. It was cold enough that my picky camera wouldn't operate smoothly (But that's what I get for getting a quality but delicate prosumer digital camera), and we weren't operating too well either.

    That and the next outing will be including the new SKS and PA-63 .
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    I have tried shooting several times this winter when it was in the 30s. With no success however. I am fortunate, I only have to walk outside my shop to shoot, not like going a long way and being disappointed. I just wait for a warmer day.

  3. Glad to see your not a fair weather shooter...... Like me lol
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    we had steady 35 mile an hour winds at the qualifying range this weekend at drill. it was an interesting experience to say the least. I did qualify though.
  5. If it's in the 30's I shoot, any colder than that though is too cold for me.
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    You'll enjoy the PA-63 and the SKS. I actually sold my PA-63 to get a KT P-11 but when I had it it was accurate and reliable. Just don't shoot any really powerful ammo out of it, I'd stick to light loads and light bullets. The frames are kind of soft on them and the recoil is pretty snappy.
    I can't wait to get my .40, hopefully friday.
  7. Just be glad that you don't live where I do! I have to put my shooting on hold permanently during the winter, but I have an entire field to use once I step out of my front door, which makes shooting easy during spring. It just stinks, I have a few 100-rd boxes of WWB just itching to be shot :( Oh well, I can wait I suppose..
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    yeah my parents have a bunch of land and I used to shoot out there. now for some reason my mom went anti-gun and won't let me fire out there. Since I live in the city I have to lookforward to the times when we go to the range with my unit or I have a chance to go to one of the civilian ranges. I get to qualify on the MK19 next month though :D can't wait for that.
  9. I live in Michigan, any thing is fair game. We have had a little warm spell this past week and seen some temps around 35F. We had some rain too and we still have a little over a foot of snow!!!!