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Tisas uses forged frames & slides, Armscor uses cast frames, dunno about their slides. I've sold one Tisas, and not too happy about it. Was sold from my distributor as Parkerized, was told by Tisas that it was Ceracoated to look Parkerized.

RIA cut their prices to match, I have 53x Parkerized Armscor on order. Tisas is telling me if I buy 10 of their Glockish clones, they'll throw in a real Parkerized GI 1911, I'm waiting for them to set me up a dealer account and we'll see.

I have no problem w/ Ceracoat if that's the way it's advertised, I don't much care for color on guns but I'm fine if it's obvious. I don't like being misled, particularly 5 years down the line when my customer takes her "Parkerized" gun in for a sight cut and gets quote a price for the cut, then the gunsmith finds out it wasn't Park @ all, and now there's additional time & expense to the quote.

ETA: The RIA's showed up today, 1 mag per, look nice but I'd be happier w/ standard wood or plastic grips. One won't lock back on the mag it came w/, requested an RMA from the distributor.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts