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To Axe or not to Axe?

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I am upgrading my camping/bushcrafting gear. I am really not much of an axe person. Most of my axes / hatchets are on the inexpensive side. $50 or less. Probably one of my most used hatchets of late came from Walmart. Ozark Trail. $15. It splits campfire wood with the best of them.

I have the Hatchet from Fiskars, and their chopping axe as well. It’s the set I would take if I really felt I needed an axe or hatchet.

Then I have the Mora Camp Axe. It rides in my haversack or day pack but probably gets used for knife work more than chopping.

I have a few more but head weights range from 4 tom8 pounds, more than I will carry with me on a camping / bushcrafting foray. I lean to saws for most of my axe needs anyways.

but I am sort of wanting an axe for backpacking. Something made in the USA 1 1/2 to 2 1/4 pound head with a length between 18 and 24 inches. About to purchase a Council Tools Velvicut series Hudson Bay axe. I will have to put about $150 into it. For something just to have. They sell one a bit cheaper, but it has not been finished as well and I would have to do the finish work myself.

Then there is the Snow and Healey. Priced between the two Council Tools axes. But it doesn’t get a lot of love.

Do I really want an axe? Will I use one more if I get a quality tool? Is there a cheaper USA made option? Opinions and options please. Thanks.

Edit to add; I will likely only use it for gathering and processing firewood.
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Almost what you want, but made in Mexico. Truper Boy's Axe.

I've had one for several years, and I like it a lot.

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