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To Blem or not to Blem....that is the question...

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I'm not a Hi Point owner and wasn't a member but the forum suggested I start a new topic rather than revive an old thread. I very seldom join forums, I prefer to get the info I'm seeking and move on. However I stumbled on to a thread about blems and thought I'd give some free advice, (for what it's worth, pun intended) One reply stated that the owner of the pistol for sale should remove the blem sticker off the box and sell it as a mint NIB firearm. If that doesn't bother you than go ahead I guess, as one reader recommended, but I'm getting pretty old (sixty-five) and I promise you this. I have a conscience and most every valuable lesson I've learned in life, I learned the hard way. I still recall bad things I did, even as a child. The few extra dollars you make will be acquired at a much higher price than you realize. It may well be a choice you will feel guilty about for the rest of your life, even though it was a minor deed. Sleeping well at night and looking yourself in the mirror is worth more than a few dollars, I promise you. This applies to all firearm transactions, tricking a buyer about any issue is not clever negotiating, it's scamming. A guy said it best a couple of thousand years ago...treat others the way you would like to be treated. Okay climbing off my soapbox now and removing my wings.
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LOL, I have a few guns I've never fired, but I'm not a collector by any means. It's just that you can only pop a cherry once and when I have some that are old sluts I'm hesitant to deflower the virgins. When I was a teenager I thought it would be fun to consume massive quantities of beer and then target practice. I ended up using a teaspoon of Super Glue and about a quart of blood. That was the last time I mixed alcohol and firearms. Besides begging for an injury you can end up paying WAY too much when you meet a gun you like.
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