To carry, or not to carry

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  1. Probably not the right place, but not sure where to put it Here is the deal. I am heading to Dallas tomorrow from Beaumont. I do not have a CWP, but I don't really wanna travle far without protection at least in my car. Should I risk the being pulled over and decide to search my car, getting into trouble. Or should I not. The reason I REALLY want too, is cause the last 2 times I had a driving trip, come close to an incident, but got lucky both times. I can only be lucky so much before my luck runs out.
  2. I don't recommend anyone breaking the law. That will only hurt your chances of gettting CWP later and it gives all give anti-gun folks ammunition; however, check your state laws. In some states a long gun can be legally carried in a vehicle. That would afford you protection in your vehicle if that is the case, and pepper spray is usually legal to carry on your person.

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    This one is on you....

    You have to check the laws in the areas you are traveling. And make that choice all on your own. I am sure ROT has some way in the law for you to protect yourself while on the road.(I do not know what it is) But it would not be a wise idea for anyone here to tell you to break the law in any way
  4. I just got off the phone with the police, and they said, since I am traveling, I can have a weapon in my vehicle if it's in a glove box or a compartment.
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    Once you get home take some time to do some study on these type of subjects. If ROT (Republic of Texas ) offers a CCW permit take the time to get one.

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    Texas DOES have Concealed Carry! be smart get your permit. EVEN if you don't want to carry you still have it with you then if you wanna you can :wink:
  7. dave,

    I highly encourage you to get a Texas CHL and like shooterz said, even if you do not carry daily you still have that option with the CHL.

    Texas just amended its non-CHL gun laws as of Sept 2007, this includes vehicle carry, so make darn sure you are getting the proper info before heading out with a firearm.
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    Ok, Please do your research on Texas gun law.It goes hand in hand with safety and training with your firearm.

    First. it's called CHL in Tx.
    Second. As of September of 2007 - the Castle Doctrine was updated to include a vehicle as your personal domain. You can have a weapon in the car, as long as you are in transit, for personal protection - without a CHL license. As long as you are "in-route" or in your car, home,trailer,etc.
    And of course, as long as you aren't doing something stupid, illegal, or gang-related.
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    Take a Pistol w/ you.

    Car Carry in TX is legal as of august.
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    I carry reguardless......

    I feel naked when I dont.
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    No props to the dude that hooked you up with your local pd's digits? PSH! J/k I'm glad you have your answer.
  12. Get permits for the adjoining states you live in as well if they don't offer reciprocity for your existing permit. Well worth the peace of mind if you're suddenly called out of state.
  13. Nice idea. Would you please write the Governator and tell him to orchestrate new law in the Peoples' Republik so I can get an out-of-state-resident permit? Better yet, just ask them to recognize my Nevada permit.

    Realistically, we need federally mandated reciprocity. All states must recognize my marriage license, driver's license, etc. My CHL should be recognized too. :wink:

    Of course, I'm still hoping that the SCOTUS will issue a broad enough ruling in Heller vs. DC that the 2nd amendment is rediscovered and a CHL becomes unnecessary :D
  14. many thanks. I meant to do so earlyer, but I have been away from a computer all weeken. THANKS