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  1. BCON

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    So i just wanted to talk a little bit and see what every one considers there "To the Grave gun " or the gun you will never part with for any price.

    For me its my Marlin camp 9N

    I have owned it for 16 years now. Torn it down twice .. put maybe 1500-2000 rounds though it. 30RD clips are great fun on it and i have never seen another 9N locally ( a couple regular camp 9's but not the N) Its the one i will never get rid of whats yours ?
  2. Fracman

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    All of them I will not sell one gun that I own

  3. lklawson

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    Heirlooms passed down or the few which I think are sufficiently neat or of sufficient quality to pass down as heirlooms.

    While I don't intend to sell any, I've done so before. Most of them have a "price." While that price may be far greater in my mind that what fair market value might be, they still have a price. Be honest. There really aren't that many firearms with enough sentimental value that wouldn't get sold if a collector walked up to and said, "That's the last one I need to round out my collection of X. I'll give you $100,000 for it and promise to love it forever and care for it as if it were a child." Grandpappy's gun? No. Anything I bought for myself? Probably.

    Peace favor your sword,
  4. My next one. Because the last time I bought one my wife said, " the next time you buy a gun I'm going to kill you! "

    My Ruger P95. When they exhume my body 100 yrs later it will still shoot!
  5. peorth

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    Weihrauch HW30S (also known as Beeman R7) .177

    ...Subject to change if I buy CZ 452 American combo. ;)
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  6. Rerun

    Rerun Supporting Member


    My Taurus Model 85 3" SS .38 Special revolver.

    I have owned it for more than 30 years.

  7. ajole

    ajole Supporting Member

    NE Utah
    Probably have to go with a 455 combo, as the 452 didn't come as a combo.;)

    So...which calibers, .17 HMR, .22, or .22 Mag?

    I have the .17 HMR American...ridiculously accurate.:)
  8. My Great Grand Mother's Winchester 1890.
  9. Kiln

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    Raven MP25. It conceals so well, I'll bet I can take it with me. ;)
  10. FlashBang

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    My "To the Grave Gun" will be the one in my hand when I die defending the Constitution and my family should SHTF. Other then that, a firearm is a tool, no different then a hammer. I like to collect them and shoot them, but they are inanimate objects and as such I do not name them or cherish them for anymore then they are... an investment and a hobby. ;)

    Everything has a price.... if you can afford to pay my price you can buy it. :)

  11. The one rifle i won't sell is my 1971 marlin 39M article ll 22lr.
    as soon as i get it out of layaway..:cool:
  12. rmuniz9336

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    I've sold more than a few weapons, and there's three that I regret having sold. My S&W Model 19, my Colt 1909, and one 1911.
  13. peorth

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    I plan to get all 3 barrels. LoL.

    Any suggestions on the model? American, Lux, Varmint...
  14. Outlaw

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    I totally regret selling my Bersa Thunder 380 two tone. The one I guess I will never sell is an old WWll Jap sniper rifle in 8mm. I gave $50. for it from an old VFW vet that took the sniper out of a tree in Saipan that was using it to pick off his buds. He came on hard times and needed the money. I'd give it back to him free right now, but I can't remember who he was. I doubt if he's still around. He was about 50 back then best of my memory, and that was many, many moons ago.
  15. histed

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    Heirlooms never leave. Dad's gone, but his 94 is still killing deer, nor will I ever part with his "Four Aces". However, if I bought it and you have the cash its for sale. Someone's making new ones everyday.
  16. ajole

    ajole Supporting Member

    NE Utah
    The combo is only in American, IIRC. Not a bad way to go. might want to get a Varmint, and then some spare barrels to fit it.

    The American is nice if you scope it, the Varmint is about the same but with a bull barrel, and an optional thumbhole stock. No irons on those guns. Beech stocks, or synthetic. If you get a Varmint, you can put the other barrels in it, but you can't put Varmint barrels in other stocks, which is why it might be smart to start with the Varmint. They, and the Lux, are all 20.5 inch barrels

    The Lux has a walnut European style stock for use with included (and very good) irons, it's not as good if you scope it as the comb is low, but it can be a gorgeous gun...however, among CZ folk, there's a "thing" about the wood. It's often just not that pretty. If you DO get a pretty one, you have hit the wood jackpot. Some guys ask their dealers to bring out all the inventory, so they can pick the one they want.

    But my favorite is the Training rifle, also called the Special or the Military, it has a schnabel fore end, Euro style beech stock for irons, and a 24.8 inch barrel. My 452 is this one, with BRNO target sights. Funny thing...its the second cheapest CZ, after the Scout, a youth model with 12" LOP and a 16.5 inch barrel

    I really want an FS though, the Full Stock has the same 20.5 inch barrel as the American or Lux.

    Or you can go nuts and get an Ultra Lux, walnut Euro style stock, but with a 28.6 inch barrel, the longest sight radius out there!:p

    I have the 455 American in .17, and the 452 Special in .22LR. I can buy barrels to go on the American, and if I get a 455 FS, it can also swap barrels with the American.


    My BRNO ZOM 451, straight pull.


    Here's a picture (not mine) of the beech stocked Special (bottom) and the walnut Ultra Lux (top) with the BRNO target sights on them.

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  17. ArmyScout

    ArmyScout Supporting Member

    I have bought and sold many firearms during my life. I have yet to find one that I would not sell if the price was right. My M1 Carbine would be the last to go, but it would go for the right $$$$$. Can always get more guns, at least right now anyway. My opinion, guns are a tools to be used, not something to hang on the wall or put in a fancy gun cabinet and say "Oh look what I have".
  18. Browning 9 Guy

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    Eldar, you're a man after my own heart. My "to the grave gun" is a Taurus model 82, 3-inch blued. Bought new in 1994; built well, just like the older model 85's.
  19. Browning 9 Guy

    Browning 9 Guy Premium Supporter Member

    Survival, I'd keep that beauty forever. Please post pics when you can.