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To those that have purchased from hi-pointfirearms.net, shipping question.

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I was going to buy a magazine for my C9 from hi-pointfirearms.net, but I need to have it before the 19th for my CCW class. My question is, what is the average shipping time for something from there?

Thanks for any help.

[edited to hide my stupidity] ^-^
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they are up and running now. i placed an order on 7-21, and it was processed 7-22 and shipped that day. in the confirmation email that i received, they stated about 5-10 business days. my order came in about 3 days (which was one 8 round mag and a 10 round mag).

hope this helps.
Haha, wow I feel dumb. I totally wasn't paying attention to the date on that message. :-[

Three days is pretty good. Thanks for the help.
it will be there within a week.
Three days seems to be about average, I've ordered several times and each time it took three days!
i ordered the butt pad with 2 mags had them in three days . filled them up with blazer alum along with the mag that came with my new 995 . fires with no problems right out of the box remington hollow points also.
Bah, 3 days and no mag. :'( Hopefully it comes tomorrow, I need to have it by Sunday. My luck...
Nice to know for sure. I'm planning to order 2 10-round mags for my new C-9 after I get it.
$36 for them is quite a deal.
Less than a week. Make sure you order at business hours and have 3-4 business days for delivery. HP.net was on the ball!
I get all my hi-point orders in 3 to 4 days and I'm in Maryland.
Okay, so I got my C-9 over the weekend and ordered two 10-round mags on Monday. They got to me (in GA) on Thurs. Nice for free shipping.
Cool! Thank You Mothership!
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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